Classic vs. Flat Lashes: Why Flat Lashes Are Better


What is the difference between flat lashes and classic? When you are comparing classic vs. flat lashes, both will give your clients gorgeous lashes — but which are better? Flat lashes or classic? We are going to give you the full scoop so you can pick the perfect lashes for your clients.

What is the Difference Between Flat Lashes and Classic Lashes?

Classic lashes have a round, circular base, whereas flat lashes have a flatter, more oval shape. Because of this, a flat lash and a classic lash of the same weight look quite different. The flat lash creates more of a wispy eyeliner effect on the eye, whereas the classic lash creates a very subtle natural look. One of the benefits of classic lashes is that they can be placed on the top, side or bottom of the natural lash. Flat lashes can only be placed on the top or bottom of the natural lashes.

Varying lengths and thicknesses are available, so both types of lashes can be customized to suit the client’s preference.

Benefits of Flat Lashes

Flat lashes are also known as ellipse or cashmere lashes. There are several benefits of flat lashes, and they are perfect for use in a classic or hybrid lash extension set. They appear denser and more dramatic than a classic lash of the same weight. If a client wants dramatic lashes but can’t tolerate the weight of regular lashes, flat lashes are a must. Also, clients who have thin lashes can tolerate flat lashes without any damage to their natural lashes.

Because of their shape, flat lashes tend to adhere better to the client’s natural lash. The curve more closely hugs the natural lash, creating a better bond. This is shown in the diagram above. There is no need for excess adhesive when using flat lashes as they are perfectly shaped to have more contact with the natural lash. Many lash artists have also reported better retention with flat lashes vs. classic lash extensions.

Another benefit of flat lashes is the texture they add to your lash extension sets. Have some fun playing around with flat lashes and use them as spikes in your volume sets to create that Kim K look.

Which is Better: Flat Lashes or Classic?

While there are a few benefits of classic lashes, most lash artists prefer flat lashes as they create a more dramatic look without compromising the health of the client’s lashes.

Why are flat lashes better than classic lashes?

Flat lashes are better because they provide:

  • Increased eyeliner effect
  • Amplified texture
  • Improved retention because the contact area for the adhesive is larger
  • More volume without the extra weight
  • Elevated drama
  • Ability to use less adhesive

What is the Difference Between Glossy and Matte Lashes?

ESlashes offers both Glossy and Matte flat lashes. Matte lashes are the standard, more natural look. Because they offer a more natural look, they tend to be the most popular. Glossy lashes on the other hand, are perfect for those who love the extra drama. The beautiful sheen creates a noticeable, glossy effect that really makes the eyes pop!

At ESlashes, we offer flat lashes in .15 and .20 lengths. Our flat classic lashes are specifically designed to add lots of drama without adding extra weight to your client’s natural lashes. If your clients want a bold and beautiful look, these ellipse lashes are a perfect choice. The 0.15 will look like a .20 and the .20 will look like a .25! Find the perfect lashes at ESlashes today.

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