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Superbonder for Eyelash Extensions

Faster appointments mean more money and happier clients. Nobody likes waiting for eyelash extensions to dry. But rushing can lead to irritated eyes and poor retention. Add Superbonder to your lash application routine to improve adherence, decrease dry time and reduce eye sensitivity.


What is Lash Super Bonder?

Superbonder is a lash glue curing agent. This exclusive formula polymerizes the lash adhesive and eliminates shock curing. Just a small amount of eyelash extension Super Bonder applied to the base of the eyelash extensions results in a super-fast drying time, a more flexible bond, longer-lasting hold and fewer fumes.

What Does Super Bonder Do?

When applied to the dried lash adhesive, eyelash extension Super Bonder creates a chemical reaction with cyanoacrylate, the adhesive’s main ingredient, that cures the glue. This chemical process improves lash extensions because it:

  • Increases flexibility of glue when dry for increased retention
  • Reduces drying time for faster lashing
  • Decreases odor and eye irritation by encapsulating glue fumes
  • Seals glue so lashes can get wet within minutes instead of hours

How Do You Use Super Bonder?

After you finish lashing, wait 2 minutes, then apply Superbonder. Squeeze a tiny amount onto a microfiber brush and dab the individual adhesive bonding points. A little goes a long way, so be careful not to oversaturate the lashes.

Allow the lashes to air dry. In just three minutes, the bond will have completely sealed, and the lashes are safe to get wet!

Eyelash extension Super Bonder works with all adhesives. Because of its quick drying time, you will no longer need to use nanomisters or nebulizers. Superbonder works with Classic and Volume lashes and all fanning techniques.

Buy Eyelash Extension Super Bonder for Lashes That Last

To take your lash business to the next level, you need to ensure gorgeous results for your clients and do it fast! Superbonder helps you do both. Add Superbonder to your lash kit for amazing extensions that will keep your clients coming back for more!