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Eyelash extension care is important at every stage. But a quality professional application is just the start. Eyelash extension aftercare is critical for long-lasting lashes but it doesn’t have to be complicated. By following best practices and using the proper eyelash extension aftercare products, those luscious lashes will stay full and fabulous until it’s time for a fill. Browse below for lash extension aftercare products.

How Do I Take Care of My Eyelashes After Extensions?

Your clients trust you to give them gorgeous lashes, but what happens when they leave the salon? They will want to know the best methods for lash extension aftercare. You're the expert, so clients trust you to teach them how to maintain lash extensions and keep their lashes looking their best. Follow these best practices for optimal results.

How to Maintain Lash Extensions

Here's the low-down on how to keep eyelash extensions looking gorgeous until the next appointment.

  • Avoid water for the first 24 hours - You want to make sure the glue cures. However, with the use of a product like Superbonder, lashes can get wet only minutes after a lash appointment.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers - One wrong squeeze and you can end up with bent lashes. Plus, they can pull out the extensions. Ouch!
  • Avoid eyelash extension aftercare products containing oil - Oil-based eyelash shampoos dissolve the eyelash glue.
  • Do not use waterproof eye makeup -You want to avoid using makeup that is hard to remove or requires an oil-based remover.
  • Brush them gently with an eyelash brush - Use a spoolie-style eyelash extension brush daily for the best results.
  • Don't rub your eyes or pick at or pull on lashes - You might accidentally pull them off!
  • Use a specially formulated professional lash cleanser - Using the proper lash shampoo kills bacteria and won't weaken the eyelash adhesive.
  • Do not use cotton pads or balls -They can snag or pull out the lashes.
  • Upgrade your pillowcase to silk or satin - These help prevent pulling and tugging on the lashes.

You can also print this handy lash extension aftercare guide for reference.

What Eyelash Extension Aftercare Products Do I Need?

Lash extension aftercare doesn't require a lot of products. A high-quality lash cleanser and cleansing brush are all you need for clean, healthy, long-lasting lashes. The best lash cleanser is oil-free and gentle. We offer premium quality products so you always have everything you need for optimal eyelash extension care.

What Type of Shipping Do You Offer for Eyelash Extension Aftercare Products?

We ship all US orders using DHL Express (2 to 4 Business Days). We ship all Canadian orders using Canada Post Expedited. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday, excluding major Canadian holidays.

Free shipping is available for orders of $200 or more to any orders placed in North America. Any customs fees are not included in our shipping rates and are the responsibility of the customer.

For smaller orders of eyelash extension care products, standard shipping applies and is calculated in the shopping cart based on the delivery location.

Clean eyelashes help to increase retention, so choosing the best eyelash extension cleanser is essential. That’s why our ESlashes professional lash cleanser is formulated specifically for eyelash extensions. It’s non-drying and paraben-free to ensure that it’s gentle on both the lashes and the delicate skin around the eyes. Our exclusive lash extension cleaner will help keep lashes looking salon-fresh without harming the natural lashes. Purchase our eyelash extension cleaner today!

What is the Best Cleanser for Eyelash Extensions?

Using the correct lash extension cleanser is important for eye health and to help lashes stay put. Using an improper product can result in reduced lash life and even infections. When clients ask, "What can I use to clean my eyelashes?" here are some tips on the best eyelash extension cleanser to recommend.

Professional lash cleanser must be oil-free. Oil-based products will loosen the eyelash glue and can cause the extensions to fall out. While you need a product that is strong enough to remove makeup, you also need to make sure that the lash shampoo won't harm the delicate skin around the eyes or cause irritation.

Our eyelash extension cleanser does not contain any added fragrance or perfume, is PH balanced and will not irritate sensitive skin.

Safety is always our top priority — for both you and the environment — that's why ESlashes lash cleanser is:

  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan

How to Use Eyelash Cleanser

Cleaning your lash extensions is very simple. All you need is eyelash extension cleanser and an application brush. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Apply a small amount of lash extension cleanser to a cleansing brush.
  2. Gently apply the lash cleanser to the lashes and around the eye area to remove makeup and oil residue.
  3. Brush up and down along the lashes, being careful not to press too hard.
  4. Rinse the eyes thoroughly with water.
  5. Lightly pat dry.
  6. Carefully brush dry lashes with a clean spoolie brush.

We offer a convenient aftercare bundle. The kit also includes a bag for your other lash care products so everything you need is always right at your fingertips.

Do You Offer Quantity Discounts for Professional Lash Cleanser?

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts!! If you buy three to eight lash cleansers, you can save 20%. We offer a 30% discount for lash extension cleanser orders of nine or more.