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Eyelash Extensions FAQs

What Are Volume Lashes?

Volume lashes are used for clients who want an extra fluffy and full lash line. The volume lashing technique consists of fans being created out of between three and eight lash extensions which are then applied to one natural lash. The volume fans are made of superfine lashes between 0.05mm-0.07mm to avoid excess weight on the client's natural lashes.

What Types of Tweezers Should I Use for Volume Lashes?

There are many different types of tweezers, but creating volume lashes requires specialized volume tweezers with a turn at the tip. J-curve tweezers are specifically designed for the volume fan technique of pinching the lashes together, which makes wide and fluffy fans possible. You can find everything you need for volume lash extensions in one of our preassembled volume lash kits, whether it be small or large.

What Are Mega Volume Lashes?

Mega volume lash extensions are an amped-up volume fan technique for clients who want super-full, bold and dramatic lashes. Strong natural lashes are necessary to make this style work — if not, your client will have lash extensions gone wrong. It's a similar volume lashing technique to regular volume lashes but involves attaching even fuller fans to lashes. Up to 20 lashes can be included in a single fan! We recommend using 0.03mm diameter lashes for mega volume fans to avoid discomfort and damage from too much weight.

What Are the Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers for Mega Volume Lashes?

An L-curve tweezer or J-curve tweezer is best for mega volume lashes because they can pick up more lashes at one time and create everything from wide and fluffy, to spiked and narrow fans. Isolation tweezers are also used for mega volume lashes because their defined tip helps block those annoying baby lashes.

What Is The Best Glue For Lash Extensions?

The best lash glue for extensions dries quickly and has an ultra strong hold. Make sure it includes Cyanoacrylate for the fastest drying time. Methyl methacrylate is the ingredient to look for for the strongest hold. Be sure to choose a glue that matches your work speed to avoid problems like “lash stickies” or lash adhesive curing too quickly. But even the best lash extension glue benefits from the use of Superbonder because it improves adherence, decreases dry time and reduces eye sensitivity.