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Eyelash Glue

If your clients invest time and money into eyelash extensions, they want to make sure they last. Eyelash extension glue is a critical component of the lash extension process and can make or break the final result. The best eyelash glue keeps the lashes in place, and Super bonder keeps them flexible, so your clients’ glam lasts until the next appointment. Browse our selection of eyelash adhesives below.

Eslashes Professional Eyelash Extension Glues & Adhesives

What Is the Best Glue for Eyelashes?

The best eyelash glue makes the lash tech's job easier and ensures the best results. Here is what to look for when buying lash glue:

  1. Dry Time
  2. As you know, it's extremely difficult to hold a single eyelash extension in place for a prolonged period of time, so dry time is one of the most important things to look for in the best eyelash glue. A dry time of no more than 1-2 seconds is preferred so look for Cyanoacrylate on the label — it dries almost instantly. Although lash glue can dry in 1-2 seconds, Cyanoacrylate takes 8-24 hours to fully cure on its own. With the use of super bonder, the curing process can be expedited to only 3 minutes.

  3. Strength
  4. Eyelash extension glue needs to hold lashes on for weeks. Clients do not want their lashes falling out when they blink or wash their faces. Make sure the lash glue that you use includes methyl methacrylate for the strongest hold.

  5. Color
  6. Black is generally the preferred color of eyelash glue for the extra definition it provides. If the client ’s eyes are sensitive to pigment, clear is less irritating and would be a better choice. Clear lash glue also provides a more natural look and looks best with brown or colored lashes.

What Is Lash Adhesive?

Lash adhesive is a liquid glue that holds false eyelashes and lash extensions in place. Strips and latex-based liquid products are sufficient for falsies, but because lash extensions are kept in place for weeks, they require a much stronger, semi-permanent lash glue. While it seems like any glue will do, low-quality adhesives can make extensions uncomfortable, flaky and even painful.

How Long Does Eyelash Glue Last?

Eyelash glue is definitely one product you don't want to stock up on. Because it's so sensitive to temperature and moisture, even in ideal storage conditions it just doesn't last. For the best eyelash glue quality, always store the lash glue in a temperature-controlled, moisture-free area away from direct light.

Unopened lash glue has a shelf life of approximately six months. Once opened it should last about one month. If the lash glue appears stringy, discard and replace it with a fresh bottle of eyelash extension glue.

If too much adhesive is left behind after the glue drop application, the bottle may not reopen. To prevent this from happening, use a glue nozzle wipe to keep the nozzle clean.

How to Get Eyelash Glue Off Lashes

Once lashes grow out or if a client wants the extensions removed, the question is how to get lash glue off? There are three primary ways to remove eyelash glue:

  1. Use A Remover: Imagine nail polish remover, but for lash glue. Removers come in cream, gel and oil-based formulas. Just apply with a micro swab to the lash extensions to loosen the adhesive bond. This method is best for complete removal of the extensions.
  2. Banana Peel Method: This is the recommended method to remove grown out lashes for a fill. Firmly but gently grip the client’s natural lash with your tweezers. Be very careful to not pull on the natural lash to avoid damage. Peel the natural lash away from the extension with tweezers —just like you peel a banana.
  3. Pinch Method: This method is used for volume fan lashes that wrap around the base of the natural lash. Pinch the base of the lash to break the seal and the lash extension should come right off.