Professional Eyelash Extension Kits

Whether you are just starting your career as an eyelash artist or if you are an established pro who wants the ease of a grab-and-go assortment, a lash extension kit is a convenient way to acquire all of your extension essentials. With the right tools in your lash extension kit, you’ll be on your way to becoming a lash master! Find your perfect eyelash extension kit below.

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Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Aftercare Bundle Kit

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What Should a Professional Eyelash Extension Kit Include?

A lash extension starter kit should include everything you need to start lashing. Look for high-quality products and tools because even the best techs will have poor results with second-rate materials. When shopping for an eyelash kit, make sure it includes the following lash pro essentials:

Once you get started and gain experience, you can add other items such as additional tweezers to your eyelash extension kit to customize it for your needs.

Why Should I Buy an Eyelash Kit?

All of our lash extension kits have been expertly curated to include the best selection of top quality products. Each item was selected to ensure that both beginners and experts alike would have everything they need in one elegant cosmetic beauty bag.

Besides being a convenient way to purchase all of the professional must-have products and tools, a lash extension starter kit offers substantial savings over buying all of the individual items separately.

We offer both Classic Kits and Volume Kits so you can be sure that your professional eyelash extension kit includes exactly what you need to take your expertise to the next level.

Do You Offer Free Shipping for Professional Eyelash Extension Kits?

We offer free shipping on all Canadian orders over $100 and US orders over $200. All of our eyelash extensions kits for sale are eligible for free Canadian shipping and all large eyelash kits qualify for free US shipping.