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Volume Lash Tweezers

No matter if you are using premade or handmade fans, you need a great pair of volume lash tweezers to get the best result for your clients without killing your hands and wrists. Our hand-tested volume eyelash tweezer collection offers lightweight, precise volume tweezers that make sure your lash extensions are on point. Browse our collection of volume tweezers below to find what you are looking for.

What Are the Best Volume Lash Tweezers?

Most of us are on a quest to find the perfect tweezer to create our fans. But what are the best volume lash tweezers?

Most importantly, volume eyelash tweezers need to close 100% of the way at the tips. The slightest gap will allow your volume fans to move sideways or crisscross, and you are likely to drop lashes. They should have a nice spring to them and not be too stiff or too loose.

Look for stainless steel or titanium volume tweezers because they won't rust, and they are easy to clean and are anti-static.

There are many styles and weights so choose a pair of volume lash tweezers that have the correct tightness of grip and weight for your hand.

How Do You Hold Volume Tweezers?

Whether you are applying classic or volume eyelash extensions, the proper grip is essential for a quality application and comfort.

  1. Grasp the volume eyelash tweezers with the thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand, holding your fingers horizontally.
  2. Place your fingers towards the head of the tweezers. Use your middle finger to balance the volume lash tweezers for stability. You may prefer to grip the volume tweezers with your thumb and middle finger instead, using the index finger for support.
  3. Do not tuck your middle finger under the tweezers.