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Lash Mirrors

Mirror, mirror! We know the drill. When applying lashes, it’s important to save time and create a flawless work of art your clients will keep coming back for. With our lash mirrors, it’s easy to check for imperfections along the lashes. Our grippable and non-slip eyelash mirrors allow you to get up close and personal with each lash set. Depending on your preference, we have large lash mirrors available online to check each and every last lash.

What Is a Lash Mirror Used For?

Let’s talk eyelash mirrors! Uneven, crisscrossed, gappy lashes, we’ve seen it all. Our lash mirrors take perfection to a new level. A lash mirror is used to check your eyelash extension application. With a comfortable grip and base, our sleek eyelash mirrors take the guesswork out of applying your lashes. Lash mirrors give you the opportunity to view each set from multiple angles and better check for imperfections.

Can Eyelash Mirrors Be Used for Any Eyelash Extension Application?

Yes, in fact, we recommend using eyelash mirrors for each and every application! From easy fan lashes to ellipse flat lashes — we’re all eyes!