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What is Premium Under Eye Tape?

Our Premium Under Eye Tape is the perfect tool for holding down bottom lashes and doing lash lifts and extensions. With just the right amount of adhesive, it clings well without being too sticky. Best of all, your clients will love it!

What are the Benefits of Using Disposable Mascara Wands?

The main benefit of using disposable mascara wands is the hygienic advantage they offer. They're meant for one-time use, which provides a more sanitary lash application for your clients. Our disposable mascara wands come with the added bonus of softly tapered heads and high-quality fiber brushes.

How Do I Track My Shipment of Lash Application Supplies?

After you purchase lash application supplies from us, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link for tracking information. Refer to that information to track your shipment. If you can't locate the email, check your junk or spam folder.

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