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Lash Volume Bubble Dot

Volume sticky dots are meant to be a helping hand in creating fan lashes. Made of silicone, these clear dots hold the lashes in place to easily fan out each individual lash. After picking up several lashes with your tweezer of choice, push the end of the lashes firmly into the volume sticky dot, and release. You should have perfectly fanned lashes ready to apply! A volume bubble dot is meant to save time and energy in creating a lash fan.

Are Volume Sticky Dots Reusable?

They are! We believe in reusing volume sticky dots only as long as they serve our clients with long, lovely lashes. We recommend using our volume bubble dots no more than 10 times.

How Do I Care for My Volume Lash Dot?

Care for your volume lash dots is equally as important as a spectacular eyelash fan! We recommend keeping your lash dots away from dust and debris to promote a clean, sticky consistency. Debris can shorten the lifespan of your volume bubble dots and prevent the eyelash fan that we all know and love. Questions for us about volume lash dots? We love to help, so drop us a line or contact us today!