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Isolation Tweezers

There are many types of tweezers that lash artists use when applying eyelash extensions — and one of the most essential are isolation tweezers used to separate clients' lashes. Using a isolation lash tweezer is an absolute must because proper isolation of natural lashes is one of the most important aspects of the procedure. Each lash needs to be separated in order to maximize durability and comfort. Shop the best isolation lash tweezers from our selection below.

How Do You Hold Isolation Tweezers?

Place your thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand on the isolation tweezers, holding your fingers horizontally. Hold your fingers towards the bottom of the tweezers. Use your middle finger to support the isolation tweezers to prevent shaking. It may feel more comfortable if you grip the lash extension isolation tweezers with your thumb and middle finger, using the index finger for support. Do not tuck your middle finger under the tweezers.

What Are the Best Isolation Tweezers for Lash Extensions?

Choosing the best isolation lash tweezers is the first step in creating a perfect set of eyelash extensions. There are three types of isolation tweezers: straight, curved and precision-tip. To make things more confusing, isolation tweezers also vary in weight, width, length, material and neck shape. All three perform the task of isolating lashes, so how do you know which are the best isolation lash tweezers?

With all these variations, there's no easy answer. The repetitive motion involved in isolation requires isolation tweezers that are lightweight and do not have too much tension on its grip. Try the various types to see how they feel and if a certain style is easier to use. Always choose a high-quality stainless steel or titanium material to ensure proper sterilization and avoid rust. Because of individual preference and hand size, the best isolation tweezers for lash extensions are the ones that feel good in your hand and prevent fatigue.