Eyelash Extensions 101: A Beginner's Guide 2024 - eslashes

Eyelash Extensions 101: A Beginner's Guide 2024

March 12, 2024 7 min read

Eyelash Extensions 101: A Beginner's Guide 2024 - eslashes

If you've ever dreamt of waking up with stunning, voluminous lashes without the need for makeup, eyelash extensions are the perfect solution for you. In this beginner's guide, we'll walk you through the entire process, from understanding what lash extensions are to finding a skilled lash technician. Get ready to uncover the secrets behind achieving gorgeous lashes that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic enhancement in which a technician meticulously applies individual lash extensions to your natural lashes. Unlike traditional false lashes, which are applied as a strip, lash extensions are adhered one by one to create length, fullness, and color. These extensions can be applied using a single individual lash or a lightweight fan of multiple lashes, depending on the desired effect. With various styles and looks to choose from, you can customize your lash extensions to suit your preferences.


How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions typically last for several weeks, with the exact duration depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes and your aftercare routine. On average, eyelash extensions can last between two to six weeks. However, to maintain the fullness of your lashes, it's recommended to get touch-ups or lash fills every two to three weeks.


 lash growing out after 4 weeks


Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

When applied correctly by a trained professional, eyelash extensions are safe and do not cause any harm to your natural lashes. However, it's essential to ensure that the technician performing the procedure is experienced and uses high-quality products. Additionally, proper aftercare and regular maintenance are crucial to keeping your lashes healthy.


Can I Wear Makeup with Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you can wear makeup with eyelash extensions, but it's important to choose products that are specifically formulated for use with lash extensions. Avoid oil-based or waterproof makeup, as these can weaken the adhesive bond and cause the lashes to fall out prematurely. Opt for oil-free and water-based makeup products instead, and be gentle when removing your makeup to prevent damage to the extensions.


How Do I Choose the Right Eyelash Extension Style?

The right eyelash extension style depends on your personal preference and the look you want to achieve. There are various styles to choose from, including classic, hybrid, and volume lashes. Classic lashes provide a natural and subtle enhancement, while hybrid lashes offer a combination of classic and volume lashes for a slightly fuller look. Volume lashes, on the other hand, provide a more dramatic and glamorous effect. Consult with your lash technician to determine the best style for you based on your eye shape and desired outcome.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

There are several types of lash extensions to choose from, including:

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are a natural-looking style that involves applying one extension to each natural lash. This style is great for those who want to enhance their natural lashes without looking too dramatic.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes involve applying multiple extensions to each natural lash, creating a fuller, more dramatic look. Volume lashes can be customized to fit your preferences, from a natural volume to a more intense, dramatic look.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lashes, offering a more textured, wispy look.

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega volume lashes are the most dramatic style of eyelash extensions, involving the application of multiple ultra-fine extensions to each natural lash. This style is perfect for those who want a full, voluminous look.

 lash styles, classic, hybrid, volume and mega volume


Lash Curl and Eyelash Extensions

One of the benefits of eyelash extensions is that they can give you a beautiful curl without having to use an eyelash curler every day. However, it's important to understand how the curl of your extensions will affect their longevity and overall appearance.

B, J, C, D Curl on EyeTypes of lash curls: There are several different types of lash curls, including J-curl, B-curl, C-curl, D-curl and more. Each type of curl creates a slightly different look, so it's important to discuss your options with your technician to find the one that's right for you.

  • J: This curl type is very flat and not as common as other types.
  • B: This curl type provides a very natural look and is perfect for clients with straight lashes who desire a subtle enhancement.
  • C: The universal curl type, C, is the most popular and suits most people. It gives a natural, elongated, and lifted look to the lashes.
  • CC: A little curlier than the C curl type, CC provides more lift to the lashes while maintaining a natural look.
  • D: The D curl type is ideal for those looking for a dramatic and glamorous look. It opens up and lifts the eyes.
  • L: This curl type creates a lifted look and is perfect for those with straight lashes, heavy or hooded lids, deep-set eyes, or downward pointing lashes.
  • L+: L+ is a great option for hooded eyes and provides a more natural look than the L curl type.

types of lash curls comparison


What Happens During Your Eyelash Extension Appointment?

During your eyelash extension appointment, the lash technician will take several steps to ensure a safe and effective application process. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

  1. Preparation: The technician will secure the bottom lashes with an eye-safe under eye pad and lash extension tape to prevent the top and bottom lashes from sticking together.

  2. Isolation: Using lash isolation tweezers, the technician will isolate each natural lash, ensuring that each extension is applied to a single lash for optimal results.

  3. Extension Application: With a second pair of tweezers, the technician will pick up an extension and use an approved lash glue to carefully attach it to your natural lash.

The process requires precision and attention to detail, which is why a lash extension appointment can take up to 2 hours. However, the stunning results are well worth the time investment.


How Many Eyelash Extensions Are Applied?

During a new application of eyelash extensions, an average of 60-100 individual lash extensions are applied to each eye. Keep in mind that everyone's natural lashes are unique, meaning some individuals may naturally have more or fewer lashes than others. Your technician will work with your natural lashes to create a beautifully enhanced look that suits your eye shape and personal style.


How Long Does the Application Take?

Due to the intricate nature of the application process, it can take up to 2 hours to apply eyelash extensions. For those seeking mega volume lashes, the process may take even longer. This extended duration ensures that every lash is individually enhanced, resulting in a stunning and natural-looking outcome. Take a moment to closely examine your lashes in the mirror during your appointment, and you'll appreciate the meticulous artistry of a skilled lash technician.

Tips for Maintaining Your Eyelash Extensions

To keep your eyelash extensions looking their best, follow these tips:

  • Avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes
  • Keep your lashes clean and dry
  • Avoid using oil-based products on your lashes
  • Use a lash brush to keep your lashes looking neat and tidy
  • Get fills every 2-3 weeks to maintain your lashes


lash fill policy 

How to Find a Skilled Lash Technician

Finding a reputable and skilled lash technician is crucial to achieving the best possible results. Here are some tips to help you find the right professional for your eyelash extensions:

    • Do Your Research: Before booking an appointment, research different lash technicians in your area. Look for reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of their work and customer satisfaction.

    • Ask for Referrals: Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have had positive experiences with lash technicians. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights into the skill and professionalism of a lash artist.

    • Verify Safety Measures: Ensure that the lash technician uses lash adhesives that do not contain formaldehyde, a known irritant. Additionally, make sure they follow proper sanitation and hygiene protocols to prioritize your safety and well-being.

    • Consultation: Schedule a consultation with potential lash technicians to discuss your desired look and ask any questions you may have. A skilled technician will be knowledgeable, transparent, and able to address all your concerns.

    • Portfolio Review: Take the time to review the portfolio or before-and-after photos of the lash technician's previous work. This will give you a sense of their skill level and the quality of their lash extensions.

    • Certifications and Training: Inquire about the technician's certifications and training. Look for professionals who have undergone proper education and training in lash extension application techniques.

    By conducting thorough research and considering these factors, you can find a skilled lash technician who will deliver stunning lash extensions while maintaining the safety of your natural lashes.


    FAQs about Eyelash Extensions

    1. Can I get eyelash extensions if I have sensitive eyes? Yes, but it's essential to inform your lash technician about your sensitivity beforehand. They can use hypoallergenic adhesives and adjust their techniques to ensure a comfortable experience.
    2. Are eyelash extensions damaging to my natural lashes? When applied correctly by a trained professional, eyelash extensions do not cause damage to your natural lashes. It's crucial to follow proper aftercare instructions and avoid picking or pulling at the extensions.
    3. Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions? While mascara is not necessary with lash extensions, if you still want to use it, opt for a water-based and lash extension-safe mascara. Avoid oil-based or waterproof mascaras, as they can weaken the adhesive bond.
    4. How often do I need to get lash extensions filled? To maintain the fullness and longevity of your lash extensions, it's recommended to get them filled every 2-3 weeks. This will ensure that any lost or grown-out lashes are replaced with fresh extensions.
    5. Can I swim or shower with eyelash extensions? It's best to avoid prolonged exposure to water, such as swimming or showering, for the first 24-48 hours after getting lash extensions. Once the adhesive has fully cured, you can enjoy water activities while keeping your lashes dry and avoiding excessive rubbing.
    6. How do I remove eyelash extensions? It's recommended to have a professional remove your lash extensions to prevent damage to your natural lashes. However, if you decide to remove them at home, use a specialized lash extension remover following the manufacturer's instructions carefully.


    With this comprehensive beginner's guide to eyelash extensions, you now have the knowledge and understanding to embark on your lash extension journey confidently. From finding a skilled lash technician to understanding the application process and aftercare, you're equipped with the tools to achieve the lashes of your dreams. Embrace the beauty and convenience of eyelash extensions, and wake up to the captivating allure of effortlessly glamorous lashes every day!

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