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Eye Tape and Eye Pads

As a lash artist, you know that the application of eyelash extensions requires preparation and precision. Using the proper equipment is key. Eye tape and under eye pads make this process easier and quicker and provide better results. We offer only high-quality eye pads and the best tape for lash extensions to help you create gorgeous lashes.

What Tape Do You Use For Eyelash Extensions?

There are several different types of tape that can be used for eyelash extensions. Foam, Micropore™ and medical silicone tapes are all appropriate. Our Premium Under Eye Tape for eyelash extensions is a super sticky silicone-based tape that is gentle and hypoallergenic — perfect for manipulating the lid to make lashing easier. We also offer latex-free Micropore™ eye tape for use on bottom lashes and for clients with thin or sensitive skin. Our foam tape is flexible, and hypoallergenic – a perfect substitute for under eye pads, or to help clients with fluttering eyelids.

How To Tape Eyes For Eyelash Extensions

Eye tape helps prevent lashes from laying flat against the under eye pads and makes isolating easier. It can also be used for inner and outer corners, and to assist in lashing each layer. After positioning the eye pads, you are ready to start applying the eye tape.

Follow these steps for fool-proof taping:

  • Cut the eye tape into small pieces, approximately 2" long, folding one end of the tape over to create a tab to hold for easier application.
  • Tape the lower lashes down onto the eye pad.
  • For flat or straight lashes, place one end of the eye tape just above the lash line, tap lightly on the tape at the lash line, then pull gently to lift the lashes slightly. Tap above the brow bone to place the tape.
  • Tape for inner corners by applying one piece of lash tape to the outer corner of the lid, and gently pulling toward the ear to stick into place.
  • Tape for outer corners by applying one piece of lash tape to the inner corner of the lid, then gently pull toward the nose and stick into place.
  • Tape for layers by applying one thin piece of gentle micropore tape horizontally onto the top layer of lash extensions. Then gently pull back and secure to the lid.

De-tack the tape beforehand to make it more comfortable for the client. This technique is especially helpful for those clients that have a lot of lashes and/or layers.

Always use a lash mirror with any lash extension taping method to make sure the client’s eyes aren’t open.

When removing eye tape, make sure you support the eyelid skin as you go so it doesn't pull. Only remove the under eye pads after all of the layers of eye tape have been removed.

What is the Best Tape for Lash Extensions?

When choosing eye tape, there are many factors to consider, such as the client's sensitivity, eye shape and skin type. But for all clients, the best tape for lash extensions has the following characteristics:

  • Strong Hold
  • Gentle
  • Non-irritating
  • Hypoallergenic

Stock up on our eye pads, under eye tape for eyelash extensions and other application accessories from eslashes for the best lashing results.