Cluster Lashes vs Volume Lashes | Are Cluster or Volume Lashes Better? - eslashes

Volume vs Cluster Lashes - Which is Best?

February 04, 2021 3 min read

Volume vs Cluster Lashes - Which is Best? - eslashes

When people are looking for a luscious set of lashes, they often will be tempted to consider cluster lashes. Cluster lashes seem like an affordable alternative so you may be asking what are volume lashes advantages and are they worth it? We'll explain both types of lashes to help you understand which are better and show you why cluster lashes are not healthy. When you compare volume vs. cluster lashes it's easy to see why volume lashes reign supreme.

What Are Cluster Lashes?

Cluster lashes are similar to false eyelashes that are purchased at a retail store. They look like strip lashes that have been cut into smaller sections. Cluster lashes tend to have a thick base with a ball of glue holding them together. You can see the larger base in the picture above.

How Long Do Cluster Lashes Last?

Multiple cluster lashes can be used in place of strip lashes for a special evening out, but they should never be slept in or applied for longer than one day. Using cluster lash extensions for a semi-permanent application can cause a plethora of problems.

Why Cluster Lashes are Not Healthy

Because of the thick base, cluster lashes tend to be applied to more than one natural lash at a time. As the natural lashes grow out, they can be pulled out. This can lead to permanent loss of lashes over time.

Another problem with cluster lash extensions is how much they weigh. Cluster lashes are far too heavy to be supported by the natural lash without causing damage. The use of cluster lashes for a semi-permanent application causes discomfort to the client and damages their lashes.

What are Volume Lashes?

Volume lashes, or volume fans, are multiple lashes put together in a fan and attached to one natural lash. They are similar to premades in that they are lightweight and applied to one single, isolated lash. Volume lash extensions are made by hand by the lash technician. This is done by picking up multiple volume lashes, forming them into a fan, dipping the cluster in glue and applying to the natural lash. Hand-made volume lashes can also wrap around the natural lash, creating the best bond and retention. When applied properly, there will be no discomfort or damage to the lashes.

Are Pre-Made Fans Better Than Cluster Lashes?

Now that we’ve shown you why cluster lashes are not healthy, let’s talk about premade fans. There are premade fans out there that are actually very safe and effective. More and more lash techs are loving premade volume lashes because of the time they save, and the perfect symmetry they create.

volume vs cluster lashes

What Should I Look for in a Premade Fan?

The most important thing to look for when selecting premade fans is that they are heat bonded. Heat bonded means the base of the fan is cured together using heat. This method uses absolutely no glue and therefore adds no extra weight on the lash. Heat bonded premade lashes are super lightweight and safe for the natural lash. Always select the correct weight and length for your client's lashes. Heat-bonded premade fans are available in sharp base or regular base. The sharp base looks most like a handmade fan so it is the most popular option.

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Cluster Lashes vs. Volume Lashes: Which Is Better?

For long-term wear, volume lashes are absolutely the best lashes. While appropriate for single use, cluster lashes can damage the natural lashes. They can also start to appear twisted and become downright uncomfortable for the person wearing them if left in place. Cluster lashes create a very bulky and unnatural look. Using high-quality premade fans or handmade volume fans creates envy-worthy lashes that won't harm the natural lashes. Properly isolated lashes without extra glue create a clean, symmetrical appearance and are comfortable to wear.

Have you had any experiences with clients wearing cluster lashes? Do you have any thoughts on the volume vs. cluster lashes debate? 

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