What Causes Poor Lash Retention And How to Avoid It - eslashes

What Causes Poor Lash Retention And How to Avoid It

April 29, 2020 4 min read

What Causes Poor Lash Retention And How to Avoid It - eslashes

Every lash artist wants to achieve that perfect bond between natural lashes and extensions. But even the best consultations and the perfect design can end with premature shedding. This stressful side effect can leave any lash artist feeling frustrated and confused. 

If you're struggling with eyelash extensions for your clients, you're not alone. Many lash artists experience this same issue when they're starting out. To help bring you peace of mind, our experts have put together key lash retention tips for clients. Continue reading to learn how to improve your retention and satisfy your clients with each application.


1. Ensure Your Clients Have Clean Lashes

Before applying eyelash extensions, your clients must have clean lashes. Any remaining dirt, makeup or oil can prevent eyelash extension retention. Instead of sticking to your client's natural lash, the glue you use will cling to the leftover makeup or oil. As a result, the lash extension will come off when your client removes that leftover makeup. This tip is especially important for clients with oily lashes or those who wear mascara to an appointment.

While you can advise your clients to arrive at appointments with clean lashes, not every person will remember to do so. Luckily, there are ways around this. We recommend creating a wash station for your clients so they can scrub their lashes and get them super clean. You can always give them a lash bath after they wash up to be sure their lashes are perfectly clean. Make sure to have a magnifying glass on hand to check for any leftover dirt or makeup.

2. Use the Proper Glue for Your Level of Speed

One crucial way to avoid eyelash extension problems is by using just the right glue. For some lash artists, this can feel like a bit of a challenge. The trick is to time yourself and see how long it takes you to apply a lash set. Once you've done that, you can select the appropriate glue for eyelash extension retention.

While a lash glue drying time of one second may sound great, it isn't always realistic. If you aren't quick enough, the glue will start curing on the lash extension before it can even bond the natural lash and lash extension.

If you're a new lash artist, we recommend a lash glue with a slower drying time of about two to three seconds.The less you rush, the greater your chances are for successful eyelash extension retention.

While you work, keep in mind that letting go before the two to three-second drying time is up can cause issues. For example, the glue can bond with neighboring natural lashes and force them to clump together. Not only will this be uncomfortable for your client, it can also result in lash damage.

3. Fully Attach the Lash Extension to the Natural Lash

It's important to make sure the base of the lash extension is fully attached to the natural lash. If you're not careful, you can place it at the wrong angle and the base of the natural lash can stick up. When this happens, dirt and oils can become trapped underneath the lash extension. As a result, the lashes can pop off prematurely. You can even catch the new lash set on your lash brush and pull it off.

lash gap correct vs incorrect lash gap

The type of lash curl you use can also impact eyelash extension retention. We recommend new lash artists use a C curl. As a more natural curl, it's easier to work with and close to the curvature of the natural lash.

Eslashes Eyelash Extension Retention Checklist

Eyelash extension retention can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We created the following checklist to help you satisfy your clients again and again: 

  • Clean lashes
  • Adhesive type and amount used
  • Ideal lash length and weight
  • Enough surface area attached
  • Angled placement
  • Secure bond
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Client aftercare


Get Eyelash Extension Retention with Eslashes

When lash extensions aren't bonded correctly, your client is at risk for premature shedding. Whether you're a new lash artist struggling with eyelash extensions or an old pro, Eslashes is here to help you guarantee lashes that will last until the next fill. From Lash Extension Maps to Lash Extension Aftercare, our team of experts is full of knowledge and tips for effective lash treatment. We know what you expect from lash products, and we make it our mission to deliver. Shop our lashes today for luxury quality you can expect as a professional lash technician!

Watch our Video on 7 Things That Kill Your Lash Extension Retention

Watch our Video on Temperature and Humidity for Lash Retention

To conclude, it's important to remember that achieving perfect lash retention is a process that takes practice and patience. Keep in mind that each client's lashes are unique, and there may be some trial and error involved in finding the right combination of techniques and products that work for each individual. By following these tips and staying up-to-date on the latest industry developments, you can provide your clients with beautiful and long-lasting eyelash extensions.

lash extension retention checklist

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