Wholesale & Bulk Eyelash Account Information

At eslashes we are happy to offer a bulk and wholesale program to customers and accounts who qualify. Both the bulk and wholesale programs start at a minimum order amount of $500. 

Wholesale Eyelash Accounts

Wholesale accounts are great for individuals, personal businesses, and salons who are looking to purchase products to use for retail or to include in their training programs or courses. (Wholesale accounts are for resale to consumers).

Bulk Eyelash Accounts

Bulk discounts are ideal for individuals, personal businesses, and salons who are ordering lash supplies in amounts of $500 per order and up and not reselling the products or using them in their training programs or courses. 

Eslashes offers special pricing for eligible accounts. Please email us at bulk@eslashes.com and you will be contacted by an account manager who can assist you to determine which program would be the best fit for your business.

Brand Ambassador Program

If you don’t qualify for a bulk or wholesale account, we also have a brand ambassador program which could be a great fit for you. Email us at info@eslashes.com to apply and find out more!

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