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Premade Volume Fan Lashes

From Russian volume to countless other full and beautiful looks, you can do it all with our premade volume lashes. These heatbonded lashes add no extra weight to volume fans. Best of all, they take all the guesswork out of volume lashing and create gorgeous sets in record time. This makes our premade volume lashes great for lash techs looking to reduce application time. For top-quality volume fans at the best prices, look no further than eslashes. Browse our selection of fan eyelash extensions today!

$32.56 USD$33.44 USD
$33.44 USD
$33.44 USD

Eyelash Extensions Sale

6D Short Stem 0.07 Premade Fans

$10.54 USD
$32.56 USD$33.44 USD
$33.44 USD
$33.44 USD
$33.44 USD

Pre-Made Volume Fans

YY Lashes Extensions

$21.10 USD

How are premade volume lashes applied?

Our premade volume lashes are applied just like traditional lashes. The key is to apply the premade fan underneath the natural lash. For the best retention, "thread" the natural lash through the middle of the fan. During application, always double check your directional placement.

What are some benefits of premade volume fans?

Premade volume fans are lightweight and provide a fuller look for your client. They're a great option for clients who don't have a lot of lashes or who want a more dramatic look. They're also easy to apply and take the hassle and frustration out of creating volume.

How many premade volume fans come in each tray?

There are typically 120 fans in small trays and 320 fans in large trays. Our premade volume fans are perfectly stored in these trays for an easy, hassle-free application every time.

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