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Volume Eyelash Extension Kits

Pump up the volume with one of our professionally curated volume eyelash extension starter kits! Each kit includes all the necessities to create mega volume safely and efficiently. Our volume eyelash extension kit includes everything you need to make your client’s eyes pop! Shop for a new volume lash extension kit below.

Why Do I Need a Lash Tile?

All of our volume eyelash extension kits contain lash tiles. This compact yet essential tool helps you organize your lashes so you can keep your lash application flowing and work more efficiently. Just strap it onto your wrist using the adjustable velcro band for the ultimate in convenience. Our lash tiles help you keep your hands on your client instead of searching for lashes constantly. The lash tiles contained in our volume eyelash kits are perfectly sized so they don’t get in the way. And they clean up beautifully too.

How Long Do the Volume Eyelash Extension Starter Kits Last?

Our starter kits for volume lashes are designed to help you apply volume lashes faster and easier for both beginners and expert lash artists. The small volume lash extension kits contain product for at least 10 clients and the large volume eyelash kits include enough product for at least 20 clients. You can always replenish your volume eyelash extension starter kits by buying individual products as you run out so there is no waste.