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Lash Tile

The Eslashes hand tile makes lashing so much easier! No more reaching for different lengths and curls constantly taking your hands away from the client. This tile keeps your lashes organized and easily accessible to make lashing easier and to save time!

* Makes lashing easier
* Lashes are easily accessed
* Saves time
* Easy to clean
* White tile background visually makes it easier to pick up lashes and to create fans

How to Use:
* Place the lash tile on your hand and adjust the strap to fit
* Place your lash strips on the hand lash tile
* You can change the position and the direction of the pallet to suit your personal preference

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Works great, holds the lashes well and keeps me organized!


Awesome price and holds well on the wrist.

Jadene Langley

Just got this little hand holder lash tile and between this and my glue ring I'm honestly saving so much time! If you use a glue ring just be careful because my glue has spilled LOL But yeah this and the glue ring! Such time savers!


This tile is pretty handy for keeping yourself organized, I used to stick my lash strips here and there, but I would recommend this to other lash techs as well, this company has a excellent price based off my research. The velcro strap works well doesn't seem to move around at all. Size is great and can hold quite a few strips of lashes.

Andrea Palmer

Love this lash tile, for the price you can't compare.