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Paris Volume Lash Tweezers

Our Paris, J Shaped Volume Tweezer, which has a Strong Curve is perfectly handcrafted for volume and mega volume lashing.

Volume tweezers are perfectly handcrafted for volume and mega volume lashing. These premium gold tweezers help ease the strain of volume lashing on your wrist and hand.  The Paris tweezer has been specially designed to help easily grip volume lashes assisting you in creating beautiful volume fans.

    • Stainless Steel
    • Gold Coated
    • Recommended for Volume and Mega Volume\
    • J Curve
    • Hand Tested
    • J Shape Tweezer
    • Strong Curve Tip

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Rania W

Love this lash tweezer!!

Molly Hone

Excellent quality, this is by far my favorite volume lash tweezer. Very sturdy in the hand, I can make some really nice volume fans with this. I had to come back to buy a second one just in case I dropped the first one.

Shaunie Beaumont

The curve and feel of this tweezer is excellent. I love all eslashes tweezers but this one is something special to me lol

Kassidy Baker

Best volume lash tweezer, excellent quality. This one is my go to. Super sharp and precise tip.

Adeline S

This is the best volume lash tweezer that I have ever used, Love the quality