Why the Professional Removal of Eyelash Extensions Is Best

November 11, 2021 3 min read

Why the Professional Removal of Eyelash Extensions Is Best | eslashes

When the Covid lockdown came into effect, many people were trying coconut oil eyelash removals at home. As you know, although these home methods may eventually work, the safest way to remove lash extensions is by going to a pro.

When to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Before we get into our eyelash extension training about how to remove the lashes, let’s start by going over a few of the reasons clients may need or want a complete lash removal.

Poor Application

We’ve all seen the “lash rescue” videos on TikTok, where the removal of eyelash extensions is an absolute must. Too much glue, lashes stuck together, improper isolation and using cluster lashes are all causes of an uncomfortable and unsafe lash set that can cause damage to the natural lashes. Those videos showcase why proper eyelash extension training is so important!

If a client comes in with these issues, you must do a full professional removal before starting with a new set. If timing is an issue, remove the poorly done lashes and rebook the client for a full set when scheduling allows.

Client No Longer Want Lash Extensions

Some clients do not want to keep up with lash extensions for a number of different reasons. They may be allergic to products that were used or may not want to bother with the necessary maintenance of eyelash extensions. They may have decided that opting for lash lifts is a better option.

Regardless of the reason, letting the lashes grow out naturally can not only look messy, it can even be painful for the client as the lashes start to twist and point downwards. A professional lash removal prevents this uncomfortable stage of extension growth.

How to Choose an Eyelash Extension Remover

During your eyelash extension training you likely learned about gel and cream removers. Both will remove the lashes, but cream remover has a distinct advantage — its thicker viscosity makes it much less likely to seep into the client's eyes. We do not recommend liquid removers because if the product enters the eye, irritation and damage can occur.

Eslashes cream adhesive remover has a subtle peach scent and can remove extensions in as little as 45 seconds. For extremely difficult cases, it may take 5-10 minutes.

Proper Removal of Eyelash Extensions

Now we will share some eyelash extension training tips to help you learn lash extension removal best practices for the best results.

  • Ensure the client’s eyes are properly closed during the entire procedure.
  • Apply under-eye pads to protect the delicate skin under the eyes
  • Always use lint-free micro brushes.
  • Apply a small amount of lash remover to your micro brushes. Don't double-dip.
  • Thoroughly cover the base of the lash extensions.
  • Gently work the product into the base of the extensions with a dabbing and massaging technique.
  • Check your removal packaging to determine the appropriate waiting time.
  • Use one micro brush underneath and one on top of the lash line to start gently lifting the lashes away.
  • Continue this step until the removal of eyelash extensions is complete.
  • Make sure to remove all of the excess cream before washing the client's eyes using a clean and dry cotton pad.
  • Remove under eye pads.
  • Wash the eye area with a lash shampoo such as eslashes gentle lash cleanser, then tilt the client's head to the side and rinse the eye with cool water, ensuring that all of the cleanser has been properly rinsed off.
  • Provide the client with damp cotton pads and a clean towel to wash and dry their eyes on last time before they open them.

And just like that, the removal of the eyelash extensions is complete! Watch the video below for a demonstration.

As you can see, once you learn, lash extensions removal is a simple and pain-free procedure!

Professional Removal Of Eyelash Extensions Made Easy

When you want to ensure the proper removal of eyelash extensions for your clients, choose eslashes for the highest quality removers and supplies. Shop luxury professional eyelash extension products today!

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