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Professional Classic Eyelash Extension Kit

Every lash artist needs a classic lash kit in her arsenal. Our classic eyelash starter kits contain all of your must-have tools and lashes in one kit to save you both time and money. Our classic eyelash extension kits contain everything you need to create natural-looking length, volume and curl.


Why Should I Buy ESLashes Classic Eyelash Starter Kits?

Our classic eyelash extension kits are created by lash experts for lash experts. The classic lash kits offer one-stop shopping for everything you need to create gorgeous lashes. The variety of lashes included in the kit allows you to experiment with different curls and lash lengths for the perfect look.

Each of our classic lash kits contain our exclusive easy fan lashes to make volume lashing quicker and easier without compromising quality. They hold their curl so you don’t have to worry about lashes going straight. Our kits contain the very best products to make life as a lash artist simple at a great savings.

Do I Need a Hygrometer in My Lash Extension Kit?

A hygrometer is a smart addition to classic lash kits. This helpful device shows the humidity and temperature of a room. Because these factors have a huge impact on eyelash glue, it’s important to strive for the ideal climate to ensure the best retention.

We recommend a humidifier or dehumidifier in your lash room so you can adjust the humidity as needed based on the hygrometer readings. Because the weather is always changing, be sure to double-check the stats throughout the day.

Are the Products in Your Classic Eyelash Starter Kits Tested on Animals?

No, our classic eyelash extension kits do not contain products that are tested on animals. We love animals as much as you do so our complete line of products is 100% cruelty-free and vegan so you can shop with confidence that no animals were harmed.