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Dubai Volume Lash Tweezers

Our Dubai, J Shaped Volume Tweezer, which has a 45 Degree Curve is perfectly handcrafted for volume and mega volume lashing.

Volume tweezers are perfectly handcrafted for volume and mega volume lashing. These premium gold tweezers help ease the strain of volume lashing on your wrist and hand.  The Dubai tweezer has been specially designed to help easily grip volume lashes assisting you in creating beautiful volume fans.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Gold Coated
  • Recommended for Volume and Mega Volume
  • Hand Tested
  • J Shape Tweezer
  • 45 Degree Curve Tip

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Kylie M.

This tweezer is perfect for creating volume fans. The tip is precise and allows me to create fans quickly and easily. The design is also comfortable to hold for long periods of time.


This volume tweezer is prercise and sharp. Great for volume application. 5/5

Giulia Rasalini

I just received my tweezers in the mail and these are very nice! When you hold them you can feel that they are very high quality, I also love that they are gold. They help me make such amazing fans and definitely worth the investment!


Great product, very sturdy in the hand, nice gold finish!


Nice and sharp, good grip all around a nice tweezer to lash with. Always great to have one like this in your collection. You company has amazing tweezers by the way. I would review them all but I will leave one review here! For others that are reading it, these are actually some of the best I have used!