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Volume Lashes vs Mega Volume Lashes

August 18, 2022 5 min read

Volume Lashes vs Mega Volume Lashes - eslashes

The world of lash extensions can seem a little confusing at first. After all, there’s a brand-new set of terminology surrounding the tiny details involved in lashing. In this article we’ll share the difference between volume lashes and mega volume lash extensions.

Before volume lashes, classic lashes were the original way to apply extensions. Classic lashes are where one individual extension is applied to one isolated natural lash. This extends the length of the natural lash, can change the curl, and can even change the color. Classic lashes however, do not add any volume or fluff to the lash line.

What are volume lashes?

Volume lashing is done by applying multiple lightweight extensions to one natural lash. These lightweight extensions are formed into a fanned-out shape with a small base that wraps around the natural lash. Classic lashes often have a thickness between .12-.20 per extension whereas volume lashes are lighter coming in at 0.07 or 0.05 per extension.

There are typically between 2-8 lightweight extension in 1 fan. With volume lashing, it’s important to create perfect symmetry between the lashes in each fan. The end result will be a fluffy symmetrical look.

Classic vs volume vs mega volume lashes eslashes

What tweezers should I use for volume lashing?

A volume tweezer will be needed which can be different than a straight tweezer used for isolation or classic application. I recommend a J curve tweezer to anyone starting out with volume lashes. The Vancouver or Paris volume tweezer help make your job easier, especially if you love the pinching technique. That being said, tweezers are all about personal preference. Play around with a few different curves and find out which one you love the most.

Do volume lash extensions look natural?

The beauty of volume lashes is that they can be customized. They can go anywhere from a soft and natural to bold and dramatic. The lash technician is in charge of customizing each set to the individual. Don’t be afraid to ask for a change if you don’t love how it turned out the first time, your lash technician can make your lashes look softer or bolder depending on your request. 

Light volume lashes can look even more natural than classic lashes. A soft 3D or 4D set of 0.05 lashes will look very natural, fluffy and subdued. A set of 7D 0.07 lashes will have a darker and more dramatic look. Of course, each client has different natural lashes, so this will change the look as well. But, Volume lashes won’t provide the mega drama that we get from mega volume lashes.

What are mega volume lashes?

Mega volume lashes bring the DRAMA! They are darker, fuller, and more glamourous than regular volumes. With mega volume lashes 1 fan is applied to 1 natural lash with between 8-20 lightweight lashes per fan. You can see how much darker and more noticeable a mega volume can be.

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Because there are so many lashes per fan, it’s crucial that the lashes are lightweight. Typically, a thickness of 0.05 or 0.03 is used to achieve a safe mega volume lash set. Mega volume lashes can be a little trickier to work with and involve some different techniques. Its highly recommended to take a mega volume training course before providing this service at your salon.

What tweezers should I use for mega volume lashing?

Mega volume lashing requires that you be able to pick up a lot of lashes at once, form them into a fan, and manage to make a tiny little base at the end. For this, I love the precision or a small tipped L curve tweezer. The Dallas and Miami volume tweezers are so great for precision, pickup and creation of these challenging mega volume fans. Again, it’s all about personal preference so don’t be afraid to play around and find your favourites!

Do mega volume lashes look natural?

I’m not going to lie to you, if you want a natural look mega volume may not be for you. Mega volume is known to bring the bold beautiful and noticeable drama. If you want a gorgeous dark and full lash line, mega volumes are for you! You spend a lot on lash extensions, and although some like them very natural, some people feel they just aren’t getting their money’s worth until those fluffy lashes are being noticed. 😉

Are mega volume lashes safe?

When applied properly, mega volume lashes are 100% safe for your natural lashes. Just like with any lash set, proper application is key. If lashes are improperly applied this can lead to damaged natural lashes, and can even be unsafe for your eyes. We want to keep our precious peepers safe, so always choose a lash technician that is certified and follows proper procedures. 

  • Proper sanitization and sterilization must be performed and up to code
  • The lashes must be properly isolated
  • The correct amount of glue must be used
  • Lash extensions must be a safe weight and length for the individual
  • Fills should be performed every 2-3 weeks


Truth Behind Common Myths about Volume Lashes vs Mega Volume Lashes

    1. Mega Volume Lashes and Volume Lashes Stifle Natural Lash Growth: Don't be fooled by the misconception that mega volume lashes or volume lashes hinder the growth of natural lashes. The truth is, these lash extensions are meticulously applied only to fully grown lashes that have completed their growth cycle. We never touch the delicate emerging baby lashes, as they lack the strength to support volume fans. So, while your clients flaunt their gorgeous, fluffy lash extensions, their baby lashes continue to grow without any interruption.

    2. The Myth: Volume and Mega Volume Lashes Lead to Lash Loss: No Damage, Only Natural Shedding Contrary to popular belief, volume and mega volume lash extensions, when properly attached, do not harm the natural lashes in the slightest. Lashes naturally shed during the regular shedding process, which can create a noticeable gap in the lash line when an extension comes off with a shedded lash. Some clients mistakenly attribute the loss of a natural lash to the extensions, but in reality, the natural lash simply takes down the extensions along with it.

    3. Debunked: The Discomfort Myth Surrounding Volume and Mega Volume Lashes. Dispel the notion that volume and mega volume lashes are uncomfortable. Those who claim otherwise have not experienced the work of a skilled lash artist. Professional lash extensions should be virtually undetectable. Achieving comfort with volume and mega volume lashes relies on the crucial technique of isolating each individual lash. When multiple natural lashes are correctly isolated, clients can enjoy their lash extensions without any pulling or discomfort throughout the entire 6-week duration. To facilitate effective isolation, we recommend using a curvy isolating tweezer with a defined tip, which greatly simplifies the process of blocking pesky baby lashes.

    4. Myth: Lash Extensions Require Excessive Maintenance.This is not true. While lash extensions do require some maintenance, it is not excessive. Regular fills, gentle cleansing, and proper care can easily integrate lash extensions into your beauty routine without being overly time-consuming.Create Gorgeous Volume Lash Sets And Mega Volume Lash Sets With eslashes

Shop eslashes for all you volume lashes and mega volume lashesat eslashes with a wide range of volume lash supplies. 

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