Mastering Lash Adhesive: Essential Tips for Eyelash Extension Glue - eslashes

Mastering Lash Adhesive: Essential Tips for Eyelash Extension Glue

December 14, 2023 3 min read

Mastering Lash Adhesive: Essential Tips for Eyelash Extension Glue - eslashes

When it comes to achieving stunning eyelash extensions, the quality of your lash adhesive plays a crucial role. However, many lash artists, whether beginners or experienced, run into challenges like clogged nozzles or premature expiration of their glue. In this article, we will delve into essential tips to optimize your lash adhesive usage, storage, and maintenance. By implementing these expert techniques, you'll extend the lifespan of your glue and ensure consistent, long-lasting results.


Efficient Storage and Expiry Management

To preserve your lash glue, it's important to consider proper glue storageand expiry management. Avoid overstocking unopened glue, as it typically lasts approximately six months. Once opened, the shelf life of the adhesive reduces to just 30 days. Make sure to note down the expiry date and avoid using expired glue, as it can lead to retention issues. The constant exposure of adhesive to air accelerates its expiration rate. Therefore, adopting the "burping" technique is essential to prolong its freshness throughout the entire 30-day period.

Lash Glue Tips List for Professional lash adhesive 

The Art of "Burping" the Bottle

To prevent air from being trapped inside your lash adhesive bottle, it's important to "burp" it regularly. By removing excess air, you enhance the longevity and performance of the glue. Follow these simple steps to burp the bottle effectively:

    1. Observe the Nozzle: If you notice a bit of glue at the top of the nozzle that later turns clear, it indicates the presence of trapped air.
    2. Apply Pressure: Apply gentle pressure to the bottle, causing an air bubble to form at the top.
    3. Expel the Air: Continue exerting pressure until all the air bubbles escape, leaving behind a consistent flow of black glue.
    4. Maintain Pressure: Once the air is expelled, maintain pressure on the bottle, ensuring no air enters the nozzle.
    5. Wipe the Nozzle:Wiping the nozzle removes any glue spillage, and prevents the cap from getting stuck.
    6. Secure the Nozzle: Promptly close the nozzle with either a pin or the cap to seal it tightly and prevent air from re-entering.  

Optimal Shaking Techniques

Shaking lash adhesive is vital to ensure proper mixing of its ingredients. However, incorrect shaking methods can lead to issues, such as excessive glue flow or clogged nozzles. Follow these guidelines for optimal shaking:

    • Shake Horizontally: Avoid shaking the bottle vigorously in an up-and-down motion, as it can cause excessive glue to accumulate in the nozzle. Instead, shake it horizontally from side to side.
    • Shake Duration: At the beginning of your lash day, shake the adhesive for at least two minutes to thoroughly mix all the ingredients. Always shake lash glue for 15 to 20 seconds before applying additional glue drops throughout the day.
    • Avoid Shaking with Cap On: Never shake the lash adhesive with the cap on, as this can lead to the glue sealing the bottle shut. Instead, utilize the pin provided with the adhesive to shake the glue effectively.

Glue Shaking Machine:

There are glue shakers, little machines that will shake the glue for you. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, as each machine is a bit different.  

Nozzle Maintenance and Cleaning

To ensure smooth application and prevent nozzle clogs, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential. Follow these steps to maintain your adhesive nozzle:

    • Nozzle Wipe: Using a lint-free adhesive nozzle wipe, thoroughly clean the nozzle even if there is no visible excess glue. Wipe in a circular motion to remove any residue that could potentially cause clogging.
    • Avoid Cotton or Paper Products: Lash glue contains cyanacrylate, which can react with natural fibers like cotton. It's crucial to use lint-free nozzle wipes instead of cotton rounds or paper products.
    • Protect Your Clothes: Lash glue has the potential to burn holes into clothing. Therefore, exercise caution to avoid getting glue on your clothes or your client's attire.
    • Addressing Excess Glue: In case excess dried glue accumulates on the nozzle, carefully scrape it off using small scissors. However, prevention is key, as it's best to avoid situations where the lid becomes stuck due to excessive glue buildup.



Mastering the art of lash adhesive usage, storage, and maintenance is vital for every lash artist seeking optimal results. By implementing the tips and techniques outlined in this article, you can ensure your eyelash extension glue remains fresh, clog-free, and extends its lifespan. Remember to store and manage your glue effectively, burp the bottle to expel trapped air, employ proper shaking techniques, and maintain a clean nozzle for seamless application. With these insights, you'll elevate your lash adhesive game, delivering impeccable eyelash extensions that mesmerize your clients.


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