How to Clean a Jade Stone for Eyelash Extension Glue: Effective Method - eslashes

How to Clean a Jade Stone for Eyelash Extension Glue: Effective Methods and Tips

December 07, 2023 3 min read

How to Clean a Jade Stone for Eyelash Extension Glue: Effective Methods and Tips - eslashes

Keeping your jade stone clean and free from excess eyelash extension glue is essential for maintaining a hygienic work environment. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of cleaning a jade stone and removing hardened glue effectively. Whether you're a professional lash artist or a DIY enthusiast, these methods will help you restore your jade stone to its pristine condition. Read on to discover how to clean a jade stone and ensure optimal results for your eyelash extension application.


The Importance of Cleaning a Jade Stone for Eyelash Extension Glue

Maintaining a clean jade stone is of utmost importance when it comes to eyelash extension procedures. Not only does it contribute to a more hygienic working environment, but it also enhances adhesive performance and ensures a seamless lash application. A clean jade stone provides an ideal surface for the adhesive, allowing for better bonding and longevity of the eyelash extensions.


Method for Cleaning a Jade Stone with Hardened Glue

  1. Place the jade stone in a glass bowl, and cover in 100% acetone.
  2. Allow to soak for about 5 minutes. Check to see that the glue has loosened from the jade stone. If needed, allow it to soak for a few more minutes.
  3. Wearing gloves, or using metal tongs to protect your hands, remove the jade stone and wipe away the loosened glue with a paper towel.
  4. Wash the jade stone thoroughly with soap and water. 

    When excess glue hardens on a jade stone, it's time to clean it. To effectively remove hardened glue, we recommend using 100% acetone, which is easily available and affordable. While alternatives like lash remover gel or water soaking exist, acetone is the most effective way to loosen and dissolve hardened glue.

    To clean the jade stone, place it in a glass bowl and cover it with acetone. Allow the stone to soak in the acetone, which will help dissolve the tough-to-remove glue. It is crucial to leave the jade stone in the acetone for an adequate period, ensuring optimal results. While the glue starts to dissolve, wearing gloves is recommended to maintain personal hygiene and minimize any potential skin irritation.


    Preventive Measures to Maintain a Clean Jade Stone

    To minimize the buildup of excess glue on your jade stone, implementing preventive measures is essential. One effective method is using aluminum foil stickers, which facilitate easy cleanup after each client. These stickers can accommodate multiple glue drops, ensuring a clean jade stone throughout the eyelash extension application process. Lash tape made from synthetic fiber can also be used instead of an aluminum sticker. Do not use tape made from cotton or other natural fibers as it will react with the lash glue. Also, using a sticker helps maintain the desired dome shape of the glue, which is perfect for dipping lash extensions. 


    Final Cleaning and Sanitization of the Jade Stone

    Once the jade stone has been soaked in acetone and the glue has dissolved, it is time for the final cleaning and sanitization steps. Remove the jade stone from the acetone and carefully wipe it using a paper towel. For added cleanliness, wearing gloves during this step is advisable. After handling the jade stone, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly.

    To ensure complete sanitization, clean the jade stone with antibacterial soap and water. This step removes any residual glue or acetone, leaving the stone clean and ready for future use. For an extra level of cleanliness, consider using a sanitizing spray to further disinfect the jade stone. By implementing this final cleaning routine, you can maintain the hygiene and integrity of your jade stone for future eyelash extension applications.



    By following these professional cleaning techniques, you can effectively clean a jade stone used in eyelash extension applications. Regular maintenance of a clean and adhesive-free jade stone not only enhances the longevity of your extensions but also ensures a hygienic working environment. Remember to prioritize personal hygiene throughout the cleaning process and implement preventive measures to minimize glue buildup. With these expert-recommended methods, you can create a professional and pristine space for your eyelash extension procedures.


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