Mastering the Banana Peel Technique for Effortless Eyelash Extension R - eslashes

Mastering the Banana Peel Technique for Effortless Eyelash Extension Removal

July 11, 2023 3 min read

Mastering the Banana Peel Technique for Effortless Eyelash Extension Removal - eslashes

Eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty trend, enhancing the length and volume of natural lashes. However, as time passes, these extensions grow out along with the natural lash. During a lash fill, grown out lash extensions need to be removed. In this blog post, we will explore an efficient and gentle technique called the "Banana Peel Technique" for removing eyelash extensions at different stages of growth. Whether you are a professional lash artist or a curious individual, mastering this technique will ensure a seamless and comfortable experience for your clients.


Understanding the Banana Peel Technique

The Banana Peel Technique is a safe and effective method used to remove eyelash extensions during a lash fill, without causing damage to the natural lashes. This technique involves gently peeling back the extension from the natural lash, mimicking the motion of peeling a banana. It is crucial to exercise caution and precision throughout the process to maintain lash integrity.

Lash remover gel is typically used to remove ALL lash extensions at once. The banana peel technique removes the individual lash extensions that have grown out. The banana peel technique is done using two pairs of lash extension tweezers. 

 Peel Back Technique Diagram

Step-by-Step Guide to the Banana Peel Technique:

  1. Gather the necessary tools:

    • Tweezers: You will need a pair of tweezers, preferably with a dominant tweezer and an isolation tweezer. You will not need lash extension remover cream for this process.
  2. Assess the lash growth stage:

    • Identify the lashes that have grown out to different stages: one week, two weeks, three weeks, and four weeks.
    • Note that the removal technique is typically reserved for lashes grown out for at least three weeks or more.
  3. Begin with one-week grown-out lashes:

    • Using your dominant tweezer, locate the extension and grip the natural lash firmly with the second tweezer, the isolation tweezer.
    • Gently peel back the extension in a controlled motion, ensuring not to apply excessive force or damage the natural lash.
  4. Proceed to two-week grown-out lashes:

    • If needed, remove grown out lashes at 2 weeks. Assess weather or not they need to be removed. All lashes grow at different rates therefore some will not need to be removed at the 2 week mark.
  5. Address three-week grown-out lashes:

    • At this stage, the extensions are usually ready for removal.
    • Use the banana peel technique as before, ensuring a gentle yet firm grip on the natural lash.
    • Exercise additional caution if excessive glue is present, as it may require more effort to remove.
  6. Tackle four-week grown-out lashes:

    • Lashes grown out for this duration may exhibit twisting or an uneven appearance.
    • Take advantage of any lifted bases and gently wiggle the extension off using the tweezer.
    • Focus on being extra careful when removing the extensions from the delicate top point of the lash.
    • At the 4 week mark, some extensions can be removed by lifting the base of the extension with one tweezer, and holding the natural lash securely with the other tweezer. Basically this is an upside down version of the usual banana peel technique. 
  7. Repeat the process:

    • Thoroughly examine each lash individually, identifying any that appear scraggly or grown out.
    • Grip both the extension and the natural lash simultaneously and apply a secure yet gentle pressure to remove the extension.
    • Proceed lash by lash until all desired extensions have been successfully removed.


Video on the Banana Peel Technique For Lash Extensions



The Banana Peel Technique offers a precise and stress-free method for removing eyelash extensions. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can ensure a comfortable experience for your clients while preserving the integrity of their natural lashes. Remember to prioritize careful handling, and with practice, you will become proficient in executing this technique. 

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