Supplies Needed To Setup Your Own Lash Studio And Lash Business - eslashes

Supplies Needed To Setup Your Own Lash Studio And Lash Business

July 13, 2023 4 min read

Supplies Needed To Setup Your Own Lash Studio And Lash Business - eslashes

If you’re thinking about starting your own lash business as a certified lash technician, you’ll need lash supplies and products to set up in your own lash studio.

Eyelash extension supplies you need to start a lash business as a beginner

If your lash course didn’t include a good kit, a kit is one of the best places to start when setting up your lash business. A lash extension kit should include the following items:

If the kit doesn’t include all of these items, you can add the extras on to make sure you have it all. 

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Professional quality lashes

You’ll want to have professional quality lashes that hold up their curl and are easy to work with. Try testing out some lashes before you take paying clients. I recommend carrying lashes in the most common curls and lengths to start. If you only have a few client's you can start with a few mixed trays to get started. C and D curl, and 8mm-15mm are the curls and lengths every salon should have in stock. Make sure you have enough lashes that you won’t run out during the middle of an appointment.

Tip* Keep it simple with your lashes at the start. Don’t carry trendy products such as colored lashes, L curls etc. Stick with the basics and wait for client requests to come in. Once you know you have demand for a certain item, you can bring it in.


Professional Quality lash tweezers

Lash extension tweezers are another area to splurge on. Make sure you have a set of quality lash tweezers that work for you. You want to be comfortable holding them, and make sure they have good pick-up.


Professional Quality Lash Glue

As a beginner, you’ll want a lash glue with a slower dry time. Try a glue such as the starter lash adhesive with a 3-4 second dry time. Look for a lash glue with minimal ingredients free from latex, formaldehyde and other unnecessary chemicals. As you get faster, you can upgrade to a glue with a 1-2 second dry time like the rapid lash adhesive.


What do you need to set up a lash room

  • Massage table or recliner chair
  • Lash cart
  • Lash lamp or ring light
  • Sheets, blankets and pillow
  • Climate control (heat and AC)
  • Humidifier or de-humidifier (depending on your climate)
  • Sterilization and cleaning supplies
  • Décor

How do I make my lash bed comfortable?

When setting up your lash bed or recliner, client comfort is the top priority. Try adding a memory foam, sheet and blankets to make it cozy. If you live in a cool climate, a little electric heating pad goes a long way.

Lash pillows are a must, but it’s also nice to have a round pillow to place under the client’s knees.


Lash Studio and Lash Room Lighting

There are a variety of different lash lamps on the market. The most popular are gooseneck lash lights, and ring lights. Whatever light you decide to use is ultimately up to you. The most important thing is that you are able to see properly during lash extension application. A good lash light is a must in any lash studio.


What do you need for a lash cart?

Everyone organizes their lash cart a little differently, but it’s used to organize all the supplies you will need DURING the lash appointment. Everything included in the kit list above (excluding the mannequin head and practice lashes) should be easily accessible on your cart. Don’t forget to include things like hand sanitizer, breath mints and sanitizing spray.

Lash carts are available on amazon or in stores like target and are often labeled as “kitchen carts” “rolling carts” “utility carts” “craft carts” or “storage organizing carts”. 


Climate control

Climate control isn't just for the comfort of your client. The lash room needs to match the recommendation on the lash glue bottle in order to work properly. Make sure your lash room has climate control, and a humidifier or de-humidifer if needed. If the temperature and humidity aren't right in the lash studio, it can lead to poor lash extension retention. 


Lash Sterilization and cleaning supplies

Check with your local government regulated health and safety procedure to ensure you have the proper sterilization and cleaning supplies for an eyelash extension salon.

It may seem like a lot at first, but just start with the basics and build from there. It’s so exciting to be able to set up your own business, and decorate it to match your style. Have fun with it, and make it your own! Your clients will love seeing your personality shine through in your lash room.

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