Advantages of Colored Lashes for Your Clients and Your Business - eslashes

Advantages of Colored Lashes for Your Clients and Your Business

March 18, 2021 4 min read

Advantages of Colored Lashes for Your Clients and Your Business - eslashes

Working with colored lashes can be a fun and exciting way to bring out your creative side. Colored volume lashes are bold and bright, giving the volume and lushness your clients are after with a unique twist. But it's essential to know just how to incorporate them and rely on the advantages of colored lash extensions to create a seamless and luxe look — without going overboard. This article will walk through some basic rules of working with colored lashes to ensure clients leave happy and confident.

Advantages of Colored Lashes for a Salon

Colored eyelash extensions are a hot new beauty trend that your clients are clamoring for. Many salons are not offering them, so you can really set yourself apart from the competition by adding this must-have modern lash option. And in addition to creating a fun, vibrant look, colored lashes can impact your bottom line by:

  • Attracting more clients
  • Expanding and adding value to your salon offerings
  • Helping you gain more referrals through social media sharing

How is Working with Colored Lashes Different from Traditional Lashes?

Working with colored lashes is an advanced technique, and even if you are confident in your layering skills, it can take a bit of extra time. Make sure to account for this when booking and pricing your services.

Colored lashes often take more volume to be really noticeable. For example: if you are using 5D black lash fans on your client, you may want to use 8D colored lash fans for a bolder look. If you mix multiple colors, take extra care to evenly distribute the colors for that perfect symmetry we all love.

Tip: Use clear glue to make the color pop all the way down to the base, or use black glue to give that dark eyeliner effect.

Benefits of Using Colored Eyelashes

The number one reason clients ask for the highly trending colored lashes is that they enhance the natural eye color. They are designed to make the eye pop in a way regular black or dark brown just can't. Clients can opt for a bold statement, a very noticeable flirty look or something more natural. Before applying colour lash extensions, find out the client's goal first and go from there.

Match an Outfit

Colored lashes are the easiest way to take an outfit to a whole new level. Whether it's for a special occasion or a costume party, the advantages of color lashes in creating an extra special fashion statement can't be beat.

Be a Trendsetter

For the ladies that crave attention and want to be noticed, working with colored lashes is a must! There are many techniques you can employ to create unique looks tailored to your client's desires.


Think of highlights from the hair salon, but this time it's all in the lashes. As the artist, you can make them very noticeable or blend them in for a more subtle effect. It's best to use colored lashes on the middle layer of lashes for the highlight technique. This way, they blend seamlessly in with the black lashes on the top and bottom layers.

lash extension highlights

Highlights don't always have to be hot pink (although hot pink lashes are a LOT of fun). They can be more subtle and subdued. Try using dark or light brown highlights on fair clients that want a more natural look. One of the benefits of using colored eyelashes is that they can still have that dark lash line while adding a bit of softness with a lighter brown shade.

Blink Effect

The blink effect is created by applying black extensions to the bottom and middle layers of the lash line. Complete the set by applying a full layer of colored lashes on the top layer of lashes. The blink effect allows the client to have that gorgeous dark lash line when the eyes are open and then have that fun full pop of color when looking down or blinking.

Blink Effect lash extensions

Color Pop

This technique is done by applying colored lashes to a single section of the lower layer. The colored lashes are typically placed on the outer corner of the eye, about 8/10ths of the way to the outer corner. This style looks great with a kitten or cat eye lash map and gives a noticeable pop of color when the eye is open. To blend in the color pop, try using lashes that are about 2-4mm shorter than the black lashes you are using.

 pop of color lash extensions

Mermaid Lashes

Mermaid lashes are created by combining royal purple, kelly green and sea blue lashes or rainbow-hued extensions in an ombré pattern. They are a colorful look that is playful and perfectly Instagram-worthy.

Enhance Natural Eye Color

Another advantage is that colored eyelash extensions are the best kept secret to making your client's natural eye color pop! We'll go over how to use them, when to use them and the best color combinations.

Green Eyes:

Purple and mauve tones are the most complimentary for green eyes.

Blue Eyes:

Blue lashes are the best choice to make blue eyes really stand out.

Brown Eyes:

Green lashes enhance and brighten brown eyes.

But you don't have to follow these suggestions when choosing or working with color lashes. Mermaid and rainbow lash extensions are trending and are so much fun to create. Your imagination is the only limit, so go ahead and rock those beautiful colored lashes!

Color eyelash extensions on lash strips

Maximize the Advantages of Colored Lashes with Eslashes

Working with color lashes has never been easier thanks to our premium mega volume lashes. Delight your clients with the traffic-stopping color pop they create. By helping your clients live colorfully, you'll also reap the benefits of using colored eyelashes by enhancing your salon's bottom line. Shop our colored eyelashes now!


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