Tips for Lash Business Success: How to Make More Cash Lashing - eslashes

Tips for Lash Business Success: How to Make More Cash Lashing

September 21, 2021 3 min read

Tips for Lash Business Success: How to Make More Cash Lashing - eslashes

The eyelash business can seem challenging. When you are first starting out, it may seem difficult to really succeed and make it a full-time career. We're going to show you how to run a successful lash business so you can be a sought-after stylist and earn an enviable salary. If you're brand new to the business, check out our lash extension courses and become a certified lash artist on your own time. Follow these lash extension business tips to grow your client list and make more money too.

Lash Business Tip 1: Rebook Clients Before They Leave

Repeat customers are your eyelash business' best friend. Lock in those sales by making sure to schedule their next appointment while they are still at your salon. Rebooking clients before they leave helps guarantee they will come back.

Many newer clients forget to book a lash appointment, and as a result, let their lashes go. It's not necessarily that they didn't want to keep up their lashes, they often likely just got busy, and it slipped their mind. But once they are really truly hooked, they will want to book regular appointments months in advance to keep those lash extensions looking beautiful. Make it a habit to rebook clients every time before they leave their appointment. Whether you are a seasoned pro or starting your lash extension business, tips like this will really make a difference in your client retention.

Lash Business Tip 2: Combine Services

One of the easiest lash extension business tips to follow is to offer special package deals for multiple services.

For example: If you provide spray tanning services in addition to your routine eyelash business services, you can offer a deal that combines the two services into a bundle. An offer of "Book lash extensions and get 40% off your first spray tan" is a great way to entice your clients to try something new. You won't make as much money on that spray tan the first time. But if they like the new service, they are likely to return to your lash business for more. Next time they have a special event or are going on vacation, they will think of you for a spray tan. In the long term, this helps introduce clients to new services they may have never booked otherwise, which equates to additional cash for you.

Lash Business Tip 3: Upsell

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times. Upsell, upsell, upsell! This is how to run a successful lash business that generates loyalty and increases revenue. Most clients do not know where to get the lash shampoo or other products they need to keep their lashes looking fabulous between appointments — that's why quality lash products are a great upsell item.

lash retail products

Lash extension aftercare items are a way to help your clients care for their lashes properly at home. Because they continually need to purchase these products on a regular basis and there is a considerable markup involved, it's a beneficial revenue stream for you. When you suggest appropriate items that clients can take home after an appointment, it saves them from shopping around or making bad purchases elsewhere. They will be thankful for your expertise and the added convenience.


Other Tips To Make More Cash As A Lash Technician

Build Trust and Establish Client Relationships

  • Cultivate Trustworthy Relationships with Your Clients
  • Demonstrate Genuine Interest in Your Clients' Needs
  • Uphold Client Trust Through Transparent Communication
  • Offer Relevant Products and Services Based on Their Needs
  • Provide High-Quality Products that Align with Your Beliefs

Implement a Referral Program for Existing Clients

  • Create an Incentive Program for Clients to Refer Others
  • Leverage Word-of-Mouth Recommendations for Client Acquisition
  • Strike a Balance between Assertiveness and Being Pushy

Leverage Social Media for Lash Business Marketing

  • Promote Your Services on Social Media Platforms
  • Display Pricing Information to Attract Potential Clients
  • Highlight Your Location and Booking Process
  • Introduce Yourself and Showcase Your Certification

Focus on Reviews to Boost Reputation and Trustworthiness

  • Encourage 5-Star Reviews on Google and Yelp for Credibility
  • Gradually Accumulate Reviews from Friends, Family, and Clients

Strategize and Set Goals for Your Lash Business

  • Plan Ahead and Establish Business Objectives
  • Document Your Goals in Writing for Increased Success Rate (Writing them down increases your likelihood of achieving them by 42%!)


Ways To Make More Cash As A Professional EyeLash Technician

Eslashes Is Your Eyelash Business Partner for Success

We hope these lash extension business tips have shown you how to create a profitable eyelash business. With the right business plan, dedication to your craft and quality extension products from eslashes, you are sure to progress to the next level of success in your lashing career.


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