Handmade Lashes vs. Premade Volume Lashes - eslashes

Handmade Lashes vs. Premade Volume Lashes

May 28, 2021 3 min read

Handmade Lashes vs. Premade Volume Lashes - eslashes

Lash application is a delicate art form. Creating a natural-looking, symmetrical lash fan can be extremely difficult if you don't have the skills and high-quality fan eyelash extensions to work with. This in-depth article will take a look at both handmade lashes and premade volume lashes to help you make the right choice for your clients. We'll touch on how both types of volume lash extensions are made, how they differ, the pros and cons of each, and more.

What Are Premade Volume Lashes?

Premade volume lash extensions are fans that have been made ahead of time. The bases are sealed together using either glue or heat. Premade fan eyelash extensions come in all shapes, sizes and curls. Fans can range anywhere from 2D 0.07 Russian volume to 20D 0.03 Mega volume. Heat bonded premade volume lashes are the only premade fans we recommend as they are the lightest and safest. Glue bonded premade fan eyelash extensions can add too much additional weight to the natural lash.

What Are Handmade Lashes?

Handmade volume fans are made by the lash technician. This is done by picking up the desired number of lashes from a strip and forming them into a fan. Handmade fans are a very meticulous and detailed craft. Mastering this technique takes dedication and a LOT of practice. Lash techs can make beautiful handmade lashes using multiple different techniques. Check out this video on 4 ways to make volume lash extensions.

Types of Handmade Lashes for the Biggest Volume

The two types of volume lash extensions that produce the biggest volume are Russian and Mega. They both produce incredible impact but are quite different.

  • Russian volume - lashes within the fan should be perfectly symmetrical and have the same amount of space between each lash. This is often done with 0.07 or even 0.05 volume lashes. They are extremely lightweight, soft and fluffy with a dark lash line.
  • Mega volume - do not have to be quite as perfect. As long as the base of the fan is even, the space between each lash can be a little different. Mega volume handmade lashes can have anywhere from 7-20 lashes per fan and are often done using lighter lashes like the 0.03s. This creates a plush and glamorous look.

You will often see 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. used in the lash industry. The "D" just indicates the number of lashes used in each fan. For example, 6D would be a set of lashes created using fans that each have 6 lashes per fan.


What is the Wrap Around Technique/Lash Wrapping for Natural Lashes?

With handmade lashes, you can wrap the fan around the natural lashes. This helps increase retention and evenly distributes the weight of the lash extension. By using small micro-movements up and down when placing the fan, you can get the lashes in the fan to wrap around your client's natural lashes.

The wrap-around technique hands down produces the best retention. But, it can take months or even years to master perfect fans and increase speed.


Which are Better Extensions: Handmade Lashes or Premade Volume Lashes?

Customization comes easily with handmade fans. Because they are custom-made by hand, it's easy to change up the number of lashes in each fan or the length without a big investment. A single mixed tray of volume lash extensions creates a lot of beautiful fans!

While premade fans do not wrap the natural lash, they can have great retention when applied using the correct technique and adhesive. There are a lot of benefits to premade fans:

  • Perfect symmetry for each fan is guaranteed.
  • Higher speed application is possible for all skill levels.

Russian volume lash sets can be a lot easier and faster. Premade fans can cut volume lash timing in half and save a lot of frustration along the way! They are the perfect choice for lash artists that are new to volume sets.

Watch Our Video on Handmade VS. Premade Volume Fans Lashes

Create Gorgeous Volume Lash Extensions With eslashes

Handmade lashes and premade fans both have some amazing benefits. If you aren't sure which to pick, try using them together. They work as a team to offer the best of both worlds, saving time and offering amazing retention. Shop our volume lash extension kits today!

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