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Lash Extensions Training Supplies You Need to Start Training as a Lash Tech

May 26, 2022 4 min read

Lash Extensions Training Supplies You Need to Start Training as a Lash Tech - eslashes

When you are shopping for lash extensions training supplies, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Discover the essential supplies needed for your beginner's eyelash extension training kit in this helpful guide from the lashing experts at eslashes.

Lash Extensions Training Supplies You Need to Start Training as a Lash Tech

If you are considering becoming a lash technician, you may be wondering, "What lash technician training supplies do I need to become a lash artist?" Whether you're taking online eyelash extension training or in-person classes, you'll need basic lash extensions training supplies before you begin your schooling. There are so many products in the lash world to choose from, you might not know where to start.

But the good news is you don't need all of your lash extensions training supplies right off the hop. This article will break down the must-have eyelash extension products lash artists need to begin their training.

Eyelash Extension Training Kit Essentials

There are two options for obtaining an eyelash extension training kit for your classic lash artist education:

  1. Build your own eyelash extension training kit
  2. Purchase a pre-made lash extension training kit

Next, we'll discuss the importance of the individual lash technician training supplies and the pros and cons of each type of kit.

Build Your Own Eyelash Extension Training Kit

In order to be a lash artist, there are fundamental tools and supplies you absolutely must have to get the job done. As you advance in your career, you may want to add items once you enhance your skills and establish preferences. Here are the basic requirements for a well-stocked eyelash extension training kit.

Eyelash Extension Mannequin Head and Training Lashes

When building your own kit, the first thing you'll need is a lash training mannequin head and practice lashes. The mannequin head is the perfect tool to practice techniques when learning how to apply lash extensions.

The mannequin head and training lashes can be used well beyond the initial learning stages. Mannequin heads can be used to practice more advanced techniques for both classic and volume lash training. A mannequin head is one of the most important lash technician training supplies for continued eyelash extension training and practice.

Start with one tray of classic or flat lashes, such as the .15 C curl ellipse.

Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Next, you'll need two sets of lash extension tweezers:

  • Isolation tweezers
  • Application lash tweezers

You should choose high-quality lash tweezers for your eyelash extension training kit because they affect your control and precision. Cheap lash tweezers are often not hand-tested and won't set you up for success. It's definitely worth investing in high-quality eyelash extension tweezers when purchasing lash extensions training supplies.

My two favourite tweezers for a well-stocked eyelash extension training kit are the Toronto Tweezer, a semi-curved isolation tweezer, and the Dallas Tweezer, an L-shaped boot tweezer. I use these for classic lashing and pre-made fan applications. The Dallas Tweezer can also be used for volume lashing.

Lash Cleanser

Lash cleanser removes dirt and oil from your clients' lashes. While they may seem unimportant, lash cleansers are critical lash technician training supplies. If you don't wash the lashes before eyelash extension application, the lashes won't stick properly.

Lash Primer

Use lash primer after washing the lashes to remove any oil left behind and prep the natural lashes for the extensions.

Slow Drying Lash Glue

Choose a starter lash adhesive with a slower drying time while training to become a lash technician. This is not a product you want to buy a lot of extra of because most lash glue expires 30 days after opening the bottle. Always store your lash adhesive properly and make sure it's fresh for the best results.

10 Sets of Under-Eye Pads + 1 Roll of Eyelash Extension Tape

Under-eye padsand micropore lash tape should be used for practice on live models. These products help protect the delicate skin under the eyes and hold down the lower lashes. If the lower lashes aren't pinned down, the client's eyes can accidentally be glued shut.

Under-eye pads aren't necessarily needed when practicing on the mannequin head, but you should still use lash tape under the practice lashes to protect the mannequin head from lash glue, etc.

Lash Fan

A lash air pump fan is used to help dry the eyelash adhesive. It also helps reduce fumes.

Jade Stone

A jade stone holds the lash glue drops. The stone's naturally cool temperature helps your glue drop stay fresh longer.

25 Mascara Wands + 50 Micro-Brushes

Mascara wands and micro-brushesare essential lash technician training supplies used throughout the lashing appointment. Brushes are used to wash and prime the lashes, and mascara wands fluff and separate the lashes.

Creating a customized eyelash extension training kit allows you to pick and choose all of the individual lashing supplies, but putting together a kit on your own is a significant investment in time and money.

Pre-Made Eyelash Extension Training Kit

As you can see, there are a lot of lash extensions training supplies. If you don't want to search for all the lash extensions training supplies individually, you can purchase pre-made eyelash extension training kits. The eslashes training kit includes all of the essential lash technician training supplies needed to start your lashing career. We've done all the work for you! You'll pay less than if you purchase the lash technician training supplies separately. Our training kits come in both volume and classic, so you can purchase just what you need.

Eyelash Extensions Training Supplies You Need to Start Training as a Lash Tech | eslashes

Shop eslashes For All Your Lash Extensions Training Supplies

Lashing supplies are an indispensable part of your eyelash extension training cost. You can count on us for the best quality and value for all of your must-have lash tech essentials. For beginner lash technician training supplies or pros, eslashes has everything you need to succeed.Choose your pre-made eyelash extension training kit today!

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