Save Time With Premade Fans for Volume Lash Extensions

If your client is tight on time, premade volume lashes are a great way to speed up your lashing without sacrificing quality. This article will dive into the many incredible benefits of premade volume fan lashes and why heat bonded premade fans are the best.

No matter your skill level, premade fans for volume lash extensions are the smart choice when you’re in a time crunch.

What are Premade Volume Lashes?

Premade fans are volume lash extensions that have been made ahead of time. The bases are sealed together using either glue or heat. Premade fans come in all shapes, sizes and curls, and fans can range anywhere from 2D 0.07 Russian volume to 20D 0.03 Mega volume.

What Are Heat Bonded Premade Fans?

Heat bonded premade fans have their bases sealed together using a precise amount of heat. We only sell heat bonded premade fans at eslashes because they are safest for the client.

Glue Bonded vs. Heat Bonded Premade Fans: What Are the Best Lashes To Buy?

Fans that are glue bonded have the extra weight of glue in the fan. The premade fan will still need to be dipped in lash glue which results in double the amount of lash glue being used. This excess weight can cause stress and damage to the natural lash, so it’s best to stick with heat bonded fans.

Which Volume Lash Tweezers Should I Use for Premade Volume Lashes?

Premade volume lashes are arranged perfectly on the lash strip for easy pick-up. It’s important to use the correct volume tweezers when picking up your premade fans. Try using a boot tweezer or an L-shaped tweezer. The Santiago, Melbourne and Dallas tweezers are our personal favourites.

Heat bonded premade fans are very delicate and need to be removed from the strip carefully. If they are picked up incorrectly, it can result in the fan falling apart. But if this does happen, there’s no need to throw the volume lash extensions away — the base can be fixed by dipping it into the lash glue.

How Should I Pick Up Premade Fans for Volume Lash Extensions?

Using a gentle but firm pressure on your volume lash tweezer, lift the base of the premade fan off the strip. Set it down, flip your tweezer back around and gently pick up the fan. Now, it’s ready to be dipped in glue and applied to the natural lash.

How to Apply Premade Volume Lashes

Once the premade fan is held in the tweezer, dip it 1.5-2mm into the centre of a fresh glue drop. Then apply it on top of one isolated natural lash — similar to the way a classic lash is applied.

Check out our YouTube video on how to properly dip heat bonded premade fans in lash glue.

Threading Technique for Volume Lash Extensions

Handmade volumes fans still offer the best retention. Premade fans do not wrap around the natural lash like handmade volume fans. That being said, there are a lot of benefits of premade volume fan lashes. Premade fans have great retention, especially when the right glue is used. We love rapid lash adhesive because it provides 6-7 week retention.

Heat bonded premade fans save so much time — they can even cut lash appointment timing in half! If you want to make handmade fans but are struggling, try combining volume lash extensions and your handmade fans to reduce lash time and get the best of both types of lashes. Premade fans are the smart choice for clients that can’t sit still or are always in a rush. Clients and techs alike will enjoy the benefits of premade volume fan lashes.

Buy Quick and Easy Volume Lash Extensions from eslashes

Take your volume lash extensions to new heights with premade fans from eslashes. They are a great way to reduce lash time and still get amazing results. Find all the supplies and tools you need for premade volume lashes at incredible prices. Stock up now!

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