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Disposable Eyelash Extensions Glue Stickers

Aluminum foil lash glue stickers are the perfect solution to keep your glue holder clean. Perfect for use on jade stones, glue rings, or other lash tiles. Place a sticker on your lash glue holder, drop your glue, and remove it when you're done for super easy cleanup.

    • 300 stickers
    • Aluminum foil
    • Disposable
    • Easy to remove
    • Save time cleaning

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I'm so picky about how everything is cleaned and organized so I LOVE these glue stickers. They help keep my jade stone perfectly clean and keep me happy !! haha definitely buying again when I run out.

Denise Lowry

I love using a glue ring but felt bad about all the plastic I was throwing out! I use these stickers in my glue ring. I kind of pile one on top of the other during my appointments then grab them all at the end and throw them out!

Kirby Martin

These work really well to prevent getting lash glue stuck on my lash tile. Love them.

Tahlia Mccarty

These foil stickers are perfect for my pink quartz! I used to clean my glue stone all the time - now one less thing to do! Thank you!

Rory Newton

These are great!! Keeps my jade stone clean!