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Classic Eyelash Extension Online Course & Online Classic Course Training Kit - Bundle & Save!

Save when you purchase eslashes classic online training course & Lash training kit.

Our eslashes team will teach you everything you need to know to start your new career as a lash artist. We go into detail making sure everything is easy to understand and learn.

From setting up your lash room to troubleshooting retention issues, we cover it all. The comprehensive lash training manual is accompanied by diagrams, and images to help you out. But just a training manual is not enough!

We’ve also included educational videos to explain and demonstrate every step of the way. You’ll come out of this course feeling confident like the boss you are!

What’s covered in the course:

    • The basics of lash extensions
    • Why client’s need fills
    • Lash glue (everything from safety to glue polymerization)
    • Retention
    • Stages of hair growth
    • Extension curls and thicknesses
    • Understanding lash weight
    • Different types and conditions of natural lashes
    • Lash Diameter
    • Flat vs Classic lashes
    • Classic Techniques
    • Lash Mapping
    • Eye Shapes and Styling
    • Lash Layers
    • Applying under eye pads
    • Taping Techniques
    • Posture
    • Lighting
    • Inner and outer corners
    • Fluttering eyes
    • How to hold tweezers
    • How to isolate the natural lash
    • Proper glue application technique
    • Lash application steps
    • Lash Fill Steps
    • The Peel Back Technique
    • Lash Removal
    • Working with colored lashes
    • Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Branding and Referrals
    • Potential Earnings
    • Lash Studio Setup
    • Certification Process
    • Appointments and Cancellation policies
    • Insurance
    • Health and Safety
    • Introduction to Volume Lashing 
    • Using Pre-made and Easy Fan Lashes
    • Downloadable Lash Maps, Client Consent Forms, And Aftercare Cards. 
The Eslashes classic eyelash extension training kit is designed to help get you started in your career as a lash artist. This is the perfect kit to pair with the training course. This kit is designed with enough products for at least 10 clients.

    • 10 Collagen Under Eye Pads
    • Disposable Mascara Wands & Micro-brushes (50 brushes, 25 wands)
    • 1 Roll Premium Under Eye Tape
    • Hand Lash Tile
    • Air Blower
    • Pink Jade Stone
    • Starter Lash Adhesive
    • Lash Primer
    • Straight Isolation Tweezer (New York Tweezer)
    • Curved Isolation Tweezer (Toronto Tweezer)
    • Matte Ellipse Flat lashes 0.20 C MIX
    • Matte Ellipse Flat lashes 0.20 D MIX
    • Lash Extension Cosmetic Beauty Bag – Small
    • 1 Mannequin Head
    • 1 Set of Practice Lash Extensions
    • 1 Eyelash Adhesive Remover
    • 1 Classic Lash Training Manual

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Students must be licensed Cosmetologists or Esthetician to enroll in Eslashes online education training program unless the state or province doesn’t require it.

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