Disposable Pink Glue Rings (100pc) - eslashes

Disposable Pink Glue Rings (100pc)

Perfect for holding glue during any lash application while helping save you time.
  • Speeds up application time
  • Easy cleanup
  • Keeps glue drop in a perfect shape due to the dome-shaped glue holder
  • Pretty Pink Color
  • Each pack comes with 100 glue rings
  • Can help make lashing faster and easier. Having the glue on your isolation hand saves time dipping lashes in glue.
  • Single-cup, 1 slot
  • Split cup, 2 slots

How to use:

1. Wear the glue ring on your isolation hand.
2. Place 1 drop of glue into the ring.
3. When the glue needs to be changed, dispose of the glue ring.

    Lash Tip: If you want to make the glue ring last longer, try using an aluminum foil glue sticker or a piece of aluminum foil inside the ring. Once the glue needs to be changed, simply throw away the aluminum foil and re-use.

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