Camellia Lashes vs. Volume Lashes


Anyone looking for a voluminous set of lashes has probably heard of camellia lash extensions, but do you know the difference between camellia vs volume lashes? In this article, we’ll compare camellia lashes to volume lash extensions. Once we explain the benefits of camellia lashes, you’ll understand why they are the best choice for anyone looking for volume!

What Are Camellia Lashes?

Camellia lashes are multi-length volume lash extensions. Each row consists of different lengths to mimic the look of natural lashes. Our natural lashes are always growing and shedding as new ones come in. You may have noticed that natural lashes are always different lengths. Using camellia lash extensions results in a more natural and feathery look. Lash extensions would typically come in only one length per row. So in a 12mm row of extensions that aren’t feathered, all lashes would be exactly 12mm.

Benefits of Camellia Lashes

Creating textured sets is so much easier using camellia lashes. If you’ve tried it, you know that creating the perfect texture can take a lot of skill and practice. So many clients are now craving that feathery textured look the Kardashians always seem to have. We’ve all had a handful of clients wanting lashes just like Kim K.

How to Use Camellia Lash Extensions

With camellia lashes, all you have to do is follow your chosen lash map as you normally would. Make sure your longest extension is still a safe length for the client’s natural lash. These camellia lash extensions allow you to create more dimensional voluminous sets easier than ever before.

What Lengths are in eslashes Camellia Trays?

If you order a 10mm tray, it will consist of an even mixture of that length and the two below it. A 12mm tray would include a mixture of 12mm, 11mm and 10mm lashes.

Order Camellia Lashes

As you can see, camellia lash extensions can give you length, texture and volume that looks gorgeous and natural. So now that you know the benefits of camellia lashes, it’s time to get a set of your own! If you want to give your clients a bold and beautiful look, then order camellia easy fan lashes at eslashes today.

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