How to Properly Apply Under Eye Patches for Lash Extensions - eslashes

How to Properly Apply Under Eye Patches for Lash Extensions

November 11, 2021 3 min read

How to Properly Apply Under Eye Patches for Lash Extensions - eslashes

One of my favourite parts of a lash extension appointment is viewing the end result. Not only are my lashes perfectly filled and fluffed, but I also look more youthful and rested from the collagen eye pads used during the appointment. But under eye pads are more than a beauty treatment. Using eye pads and under eye tape to secure the bottom lashes down is an essential step during lashing.

When you learn to apply eyelash extensions, you'll discover that proper application and high-quality eye pads make all the difference. If you’ve ever painted walls before, you know that prep is key. Cleaning, priming and taping the walls can be the difference between a beautiful paint job and a messy, unprofessional result. The same goes for eyelash extensions. Proper preparation is one of the most important steps to achieving beautiful results that last.

Apply Eye Pads + Under Eye Tape Like a Pro

Under eye patches are a lash extensions client's best friend. Not only do they keep the upper and lower lashes from accidentally being glued together, they protect the delicate skin under the eye and can provide a moisture-infusing treatment. It's important to apply these essential products properly to avoid injuring the eye and obtain the best results. Here's how:

1. Cleanse the Lashes and Eye Area

Before applying under eye patches, the lash extensions and the entire eye area should be cleansed with a gentle lash cleanser. Our skin and lashes are constantly accumulating dirt and oil throughout the day. Skipping this step can cause poor retention, and it can also make it difficult for the under-eye pad to stick to the skin. Makeup-wearing clients may even need to wash lashes twice to make sure the area is squeaky clean for lash extension application.

2. Make Sure the Eye Pads Fit

Under eye patches for lash extensions are often designed to fit the most common eye shape: the almond eye. Holding the eye pad up to the client's eye while it’s opened will give you a good idea if the eye pad is going to fit. Most clients can comfortably wear the eslashes collagen eye padswithout alterations, but if you feel you need to make any customizations, simply make cuts in the eye pads to suit the client's eyes as seen in the video below. A few small pieces of under eye tape can be used for securing tiny lashes.

3. Carefully Apply Under Eye Patches for Lash Extensions

When applying under eye pads, make sure no part of the eye pad is touching the waterline or the eyelid margin. This can cause serious eye irritation, redness and even bruising. Be sure to ask the client if the eye pads are fully comfortable and readjust as needed.

The Importance of Quality Under Eye Tape and Pad Products

When you first learn to apply eyelash extensions, you may be tempted to buy lower-priced supplies to save money, but you'll soon discover that you get what you pay for. High-quality products increase your costs but they make a huge difference in the end result.

Nothing is more frustrating than buying cheap eye pads only to find that they aren’t sticking and don't last through the appointment. The same goes for eye pads that are too sticky — they can rip out the client's lashes when removed at the end of the appointment. Ouch!

Save yourself and your clients the hassle by purchasing high-quality under eye tape and pads. Eslashes hydrogel collagen under eye pads are gentle, comfortable and packed with hydration. Avoid pulling or causing irritation by using hypoallergenic breathable tape such as the eslashes pink micropore tape helps hold tiny baby lashes down without damage.

Shop Under Eye Patches for Lash Extensions

Now that you've learned to apply eyelash extensions like a pro, make sure your lashing supplies are up to par. From lash cleanser to Micropore under eye tape, we have all the eyelash application accessories you need for gorgeous lashes. Shop eslashes now!

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