5 Tips to Speed up Lashing Time - eslashes

5 Tips to Speed up Lashing Time

March 05, 2020 3 min read

5 Tips to Speed up Lashing Time - eslashes

How to speed up lashing time. Most of us, if not all of us, would love to improve on our lashing time. The faster you can get your clients in and out the more clients you can book. Your clients will also be a lot happier if their appointment is faster. This is of course without compromising safety and quality. Hope you enjoy these helpful tips on how to speed up your lash extension appointments!

Tip #1  

Organize ahead of time

Cut your tape, put out multiple tweezers, have everything sanitized, make sure you have fresh glue and have your music on and ready etc etc. It saves time to do all of the little things ahead of time. If you know your clients and they have booked in for a fill you can pull out the exact lengths and curls you use on that client. This will save you time digging around in your lash trays during the lash appointment. Preparation and organization is key!

Tip #2  

Do the hard lashes first

It’s been proven time and time again that at the beginning of the day (or even the beginning of an appointment) we are much less likely to make mistakes. We are also more detail oriented and can concentrate more easily. This is why we recommend taking care of those difficult lashes first. Go ahead and start with the inner and outer corners as well as any pesky baby lashes that are hard to isolate. Getting these done at the start of the appointment will save time and stress. No more rushing at the end of the appointment to put on those finishing touches. Remember you should never skip the inner and outer corners. It’s not a completed professional look without them. Save those easy lashes for the end and it will feel like a breeze!

Tip #3

Less talking

Of course, there is no way to completely cut out talking during a lash appointment. That would be super awkward and weird and you would never build any rapport with your clients! It’s best to catch up and chat at the start of the appointment. When they arrive while you are giving them a lash bath etc. Let the client know that you can lashing done faster if there’s a bit less chatting during the appointment. Offer them the opportunity to have a rejuvenating lash nap. So many clients love this time to have a quick nap and catch up on some much-needed sleep. Always make sure your lash bed is super comfortable for your client. If you are a very experienced lash tech and are amazing at chatting while lashing this one won’t apply for you. Remember that when chatting a client’s eyes are more likely to open. Remind the client that they need to keep their eyes closed at all times for safety reasons.

 Tip #4

Make sure clients stay off their phones

Some clients will be constantly receiving phone calls, texts and emails. Some will even ask you to read a text out loud or answer a phone call for them. This takes away time from the lash extension appointment. It’s a great rule of thumb to tell your clients ahead of time that you do not allow phones during a lash appointment. After all – they can’t see their phone and you can’t lash and read emails out loud at the same time! Let your clients know they can check their phones right before and after the appointment. Of course, we always make exceptions if there is an emergency or if someone is waiting for a VERY important call.

Tip #5

Use Easy Fan Lashes or Pre-Made Fans

This technique can save you SO much time when applying lash extensions. Especially during volume or Russian volume lash sets. Hand creating fans does provide the best retention BUT you can still have great retention with easy fan lashes or pre-made fans. This can cut your timing in half which is so amazing especially as a new lash tech! It also helps takes the stress of volume sets away. These lashes can be mixed in with hand created fans as well.

Those are our 5 tips to speed up lashing time! Hope you found these tips helpful. You can view our video here on How to speed up professional volume eyelash extension sets.

Thank you for reading our blog! :)

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